Hot Tub Removal Can Be Costly But It Doesn’t Have to Be

Most of us have spent many weekends scrubbing and cleaning our hot tubs to get rid of all that unwanted gunk that builds up over time. You can spend a lot of time doing this if you want to, and sometimes it’s hard to even get the gunk off of the spigot, but there are other ways to remove it that don’t involve moving and tearing everything apart. Hot tub removal professionals can take care of this for you and save you the time and money you would spend cleaning it yourself. They have special equipment that allows them to reach deep down into the spigot without disturbing the layers of gunk below, and they also have the power to remove the gunk clogging the pipes and drain pipes with ease.

wooden hot tub

So where does the average hot tub removal cost put a figure on removing your spa? Well, it varies greatly depending on what type of spa you have, what the spa components are, and what part of your home it’s located in. Generally speaking, a removal price is around $500 and upwards for general spa removal, and can go much higher if the spa components are valuable or if the spa is in a valuable area like a home or business. If you don’t want to deal with paying such a high price for removal, you can always look around online to see if anyone is selling a spa that you would like to remove for a price. Sometimes it pays to be creative when it comes to spending money, as you never know what kind of unusual or obscure item you can find online!

Some of the more common options for hot tub removal include getting the parts shipped to you (some places do offer to pick it up and deliver it, though this is usually pricey) and renting trucks to get the job done. There are quite a few companies that rent trucks and will come to your house or place of business and remove whatever you’d like. Of course, this option can be rather expensive, depending on where you go to rent the trucks. But if you need to quickly get rid of an old hot tub, you may need to consider one of these options. Hot tub removal is never fun, but sometimes it has to be done to make room for a new tub!