Based on IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer

If it’s about the personal grooming of yours Is there anything more rewarding than getting crowned with hair that is long, shining hair? Do you split your time between good and bad days? Do bad hair days make you feel depressed and irritable while a great one can propel you to the top of the mountain. You’re not alone! You’re not alone!

Madison hair dye

As per Hoovers(r) the number of approximately 65,000 salons for hair care across the United States with combined annual revenue of $19 billion! A tiny portion of these sales is for haircuts, but the majority of these dollars are invested in… the color of your hair.

If you’re pregnant or expecting or you hold an employment opportunity in any of the salons listed above, you should take the time to read these guidelines. More than 20 million Americans predominantly women get exposed to the hair dye every year. It is estimated that 35 to 40% of women across the United States and Europe use hair dyes. Solutions are used either by a hairdresser in a salon or by people who buy at-home products.

Based on IARC International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) Concerns concern their safety. drugs. Why? because some of the components used in hair dye are believed to be carcinogenic as well as Teratogenic (causing abnormalities in foetuses). There are reports of hairdressers who have a higher chance of spontaneous abortions and congenital malformations, as well as developmental and cancer-related issues in children are common. In the 1980’s, older research mention that women and men who are exposed to dyes for hair in their jobs may be at risk of having an increased chance of developing leukemia as well as bladder cancers, the GI tract, ovary as well as respiratory system. Nasca has reported in Journal of the NCI, that there is a greater risk of breast cancer among women who dye their hair.

Women throughout the world who frequently use cosmetics are concerned about the possibility of exposure to themselves and their fetus due to the carcinogenic chemicals found within these items. Many women are afraid to use colorants in pregnancy due to concerns about chemical exposure and absorption, which could pose risks to the foetus.

It is also important to note that women are giving babies later which means that the application of hair dyes will increase in popularity. The combination of hormonal hair growth in pregnancy, along with the increasing need to color as women age will surely lead to an increase in usage of these dyes.

With that in mind, I decided it was an excellent concept to create an essay that reviewed all the research on the safety of hair dyes, so that you can make the best choice for yourself regarding whether or not you should apply these products. Conclusions, however, must be based on the method used to apply dye (personal or hairdresser) and the color used as well as the frequency of coloring and the different characteristics of various components that are that are available.

What is the classification of hair dyes?

There are three types of classifications:




The chemical composition of hair dye determines the classification it is placed.

Permanent dyes are most common and make up around 75 percent of the hair dyes. They are created by the oxidation of hydrogen peroxide, a precursor to dyes which permeate the hair’s fiber, causing the color that is associated by the pigment. The permanent hair dyes usually applied using a brush or by hairdressers. Permanent hair dyes can cause more dramatic changes to hair color. They are not washed out, and they remain until hair grows or is cut.

Semi-permanent dyes account for around 20 percent of all dyes. They directly reach the hair’s cortex, without the use of the oxidizing agents. Typically, the color lasts between 6 and 12 washes. The dyes, which are usually applied with a hand typically used to cover grays or to enhance the natural color. They can be bought at the store.

Temporary dyes make up around 5 percent in all hair colorings, are employed for just a single wash. The hair coloring is put in the cuticle on the hair and is left there until it’s washed out. It will generally not lighten hair , but it can be it can be used to increase the natural hair color, tint it with a different color, or provide highlights to the natural or tinted hair. It can also be employed to cover a small proportion of gray hair, or remove yellowish hues from gray or white hair.

What hair dyes cause concern during pregnancies?

Numerous studies have demonstrated the risk for developing childhood brain tumors (CBT) due to exposure to N-nitroso compound, typically present on hair colorants.

There are two broad classes of N-nitroso compound



Nitrosamides are unstable , and don’t require enzyme activation and are prone to develop tumors at the site of exposure. In rats, they traverse the placenta and can cause neurocarcinogens.

Nitrosamines, which are commonly present in cigarettes and in beer, are regarded as carcinogenic substances.

The chemical components within hair dyes comprise aromaticamines that transform into Nitrosamines. Nitrosamines require bioactivation, and may trigger growth of tumors at places other than the original exposure location. Hair dyes are regarded as NOC-related aromaticamines. They include ammonia-based solutions, coal-tar dyes, hydrogen peroxide and lead acetate. Numerous studies have classified these chemicals as carcinogenic to animals when they are administered orally as they alter DNA. However, there is “inadequate evidence” to determine the possibility of human carcinogenesis when applied to the skin.

Other toxic chemicals found in hair dyes include phthalates, cobalt salts, formaldehyde releasing preservatives, lead acetate, nickel salts, 1,4-dioxane, diethanolamine/triethanolamine, and parabens.

How can exposure to the fetus take place in a pregnant woman who utilizes hair dyes?

The fetus is exposed in the course of daily use, as a lot of the chemicals that are used can be absorbed by skin. The specific characteristics of dyes and their ability to penetrate skin affect their toxic effects. Exposure can also happen via oral, ocular or inhalation methods that traverse the placenta and impact the foetus. A lot of these chemicals could store in body fats and then enter the mothers milk.

What types of toxicities are reported during the course of pregnancy?

There have been a number of contradictory results from the hair dyes and a variety of childhood cancers.

A few studies have revealed that there is a link between the maternal hair dye and an increased chance of developing cancer in children. The developing nervous system of the fetus was found to be the most vulnerable to mutagens and carcinogens. If exposure occurs in the development of the nerve system in the first trimester, it could cause the nervous system to be more vulnerable to brain and cancer tumors.

Neuroblastoma which accounts for 6 to 10 percent of all cancers in children across the globe, are among the most prevalent cancers that affect children in the initial year of their lives. A threefold increase in risk was discovered among children exposed to hair dyes in pregnancy, according to an article by Kramer in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in 1987. The increased risk was verified by McCalls article in 2005’s Cancer Causes and Control. Wilms tumor, which is a kidney cancer that is prevalent in children, carried four times the risk in a study conducted in the journal of Bunin on Cancer Research in 1987. A number of the chemicals that were used in 1987 for hair dyes are now eliminated (2-4-diaminoanisole, 4-amino-2-nitrophenol along with HC Blue No.1) but other compounds found that are in the N-nitroso aromaticamines frequently employed in hair dyes remain present, and are carcinogenic to animals.

Other studies conducted on research conducted on the West Coast have found no relationship between the use of hair dyes prior to and during the pregnancy. (Holly In Pediatric Perinatal Epidemiology, 2002) One major study conducted by Effird in the Journal of Neuro-Oncology in 2005 also found that there is no statistically significant relationship between semi-permanent or temporary and permanent dyes for hair used during pregnancy and brain tumors in children with the exception of three times the incidence of brain tumors among Israeli children who use semi-permanent hair dyes.

Do different hair dyes pose different risk levels?

Temporary dyes (includes semi-permanent) seem to have higher toxic than permanent dyes during pregnancy. Studies on the scalp penetration with semi-permanent dyes as compared with permanent dyes on both monkeys and humans revealed they penetrated scalp more deeply than permanent dyes from both species. In contrast to permanent dyes which contain oxidizing agents, which allow the dye to bind irreversibly on the shaft of hair, which means it reduce skin absorption semi permanent dyes get their coloration through the use of solvents (alcohols and ethylene glycol ethers) that penetrate more effectively into the scalp than permanent dyes. Furthermore, more skin contact is found with semi-permanent colors since they are applied as foams rinses or surfactant solutions that facilitate absorption from the scalp. Semi-permanent hair coloring products contain the nitro derivatives of phenylenediamines, or aminophenols and azo dyes, and aminoanthraquinone dyes as well as N-nitroso compounds that have been found to be neurocarcinogens of the transplacental region in rodents.

Additionally, semi-permanent dyes are more likely to be applied by the individual herself, while permanent dyes are most likely to be applied by hairdressers. Self-application is more contact with the skin surfaces, like hands as opposed to if an external person applied the application.

Smokers were also discovered to be more toxic than non-smokers who use dyes. The increased exposure to nitrosamines as well as other carcinogens found in cigarettes as well as carcinogens in hair dyes.

Are hairdressers at risk?

The job of a hairdresser could come with some risks which could cause cancer. (International Agency of Research on Cancer-IARC-1993) Certain skin diseases such as occupational asthma and contact dermatitis are serious health risks for hairdressers. Some studies have not confirmed higher risk of reproductive problems for hairdressers, like infertility and abnormalities in the reproductive system, congenital malformations as well as childhood cancers and the development of disorders in offspring. (Kersemaekers, 1995)


What You Should Know About the Contamination of Drinking Water

Though we typically think of pollution of water sources as something which occurs exclusively within areas of Third World, it’s not! Even the biggest American cities that have modern treatment facilities could have drinking water that’s contaminated. Whatever your location and if you’re concerned about safeguarding those around you, it’s important to be aware of this issue and know the best ways to address it.

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When we consider drinking water pollution We immediately think of Sub-Saharan Africa, or some conflict-stricken region of the Middle East. The kind of water contamination that we are thinking about is outbreaks of waterborne disease such as cholera. While I’m not trying to minimize the gravity of the global water crisis however, I would like to emphasize that developed nations, as well as those in the United States, have issues with water that is contaminated. Our contaminants differ.

Research has been conducted across studies in the U. S. recently which have revealed all kinds of pesticides and prescription drugs in our drinking water. Ralph Nader’s group conducted research on various American drinking water sources and discovered more than 2,000 carcinogens that are known to be present in our water. An investigation of recent times in 29 American cities has revealed that pesticides were present in the water that was treated in the entire 29! While drinking small amounts the heart medication isn’t likely to cause death in the near time, the long-term effects of this kind of contaminant are not fully comprehended. Certain researchers believe there is a connection between the myriad of chemicals that we encounter within our water and the alarming rate of cancer.

There is no doubt about it pollution of water sources is an problem in America as well as other countries with developed economies! The most important concern is what you can do to safeguard both your children and yourself?

We’ve witnessed a surge in sales of bottled water over the last ten years (to the level of creating another environmental hazard with millions of plastic containers)! Certainly, bottled water companies profit from our worries regarding the quality of the water that is pumped out of our taps. It’s a shame to say that bottled drinking water will not be your answer to the drinking water contamination issue. Bottled water is equally likely to be affected by contamination as tap water or even more! In fact, there’s fewer federal regulations governing the bottled water market than tap water regulations. About 70% of the bottles of water sold aren’t included in federal laws since it’s not being shipped across states’ boundaries.

The only way to go is to filter your water at your home! All you have to do is find out more about which water filtering systems are the top-of-the-line. There’s plenty of information available on Web on this subject. In order to protect your family from contamination from drinking water and ensuring their overall health is just one click away.


Find out the Truth about Vitamins and Supplement

Even though the shelves of the stores are filled with the latest and most popular supplements for health and the internet is filled with websites that claim they are the most effective that you can find, the majority of the supplements available to you are a total unnecessary waste of cash and time.

If you read this article, you will not fall for falsehoods once more. You’ll have the information to make informed choices when purchasing. The knowledge is based on real research and facts.


Stop the habit of flushing your hard-earned money into the drain and begin taking advantage of the health benefits from high-quality supplements.

In today’s market for media, it’s easy to become caught up in the glamour and glitz of media and marketing excitement about the supplements offered.

But consider whether you really want to shell out for an attractive package and beautiful website or do prefer to put your money to a product that can be able to deliver on its promises and give you the most nutritious food for your body?

Seems like a stupid question. I’d imagine that most people would prefer an item that is effective. If you’re going to invest money in it why would you want to dump it all into the toilet?

There’s a significant variation in the supplements for health and wellness available. Certain are worth the money while others (no regardless of how cheap) are completely useless. The reason is that your body isn’t able to absorb the product, so it flows through your body and is absorbed into the waste that you eliminate every day.

The supplement and vitamin companies who make their products don’t want to be aware of all this, because as a shrewd person, you will not spend dollars on something that won’t work , regardless of how expensive the packaging is or what claims are made in the advertising.

The majority of nutrition companies don’t have the time or aren’t willing to invest the money needed to make organic supplements that are bio-available for your body. The human body was designed to obtain nutrients from food, not from processed food products that are synthetically processed..

You ought to be thinking “Why should I not take a healthier diet of natural vegetables and fruits, and choose healthier options in my shopping?” This is an excellent idea that could help. The issue is that the foods you purchase, including the fruits and vegetables you buy aren’t nutritionally sufficient. worth you require.

Look at a few of these issues:

A majority of the foods we consume today do lack the vital minerals and vitamins we require. Farmers are even part of the global corporate world, and their main focus is volume, not quality.

Food crops are produced as quickly as possible with pesticides and fertilizers.

The soil in which plant grows in has been stripped of minerals that are natural through continuous gathering of crop.

Produce is picked before it is fully ripe, so it is fresh and not spoil when it is delivered to the supermarket. The food that is picked early has very little nutritional value.

Canned and processed foods have been cooked to a point that it is able to destroy the majority of its nutritional value. Even fresh food purchased bought from the supermarket can contain the nutrients cooked out of it in the kitchen.

The organic label cannot provide assurance of purity or ensure that it is that the product is safe.

I also found out that it can take approximately 53 peaches to achieve an RDA for Vitamin A when it only took about 2 peaches for the same amount fifty years ago.

It’s evident that supplements are an essential part of our lives today. They allow us to acquire every vitamin and mineral that we require without having to consume massive amounts of food.

As I stated earlier there are many different supplements that are all created alike. Like you would select the most nutritious foods for you to consume selecting all-natural supplements that can be taken up through your body’s system of elimination is your only valid solution.

It’s not going to do you any harm to take supplements that aren’t being absorbed through your body. These synthetic supplements just go on a ride around your digestive tract as they make their way to the toilet.

For the most effective supplement for your needs ensure that you look into the business that you buy the supplements you purchase from. There are a few points to look out for to make certain that the product will be worth the time, effort and expense

Does the business:

Do you follow Good Manufacturing Practice and maintain the standard in

Do you research the product and conduct clinical tests?

Check the ingredients of supplements for authenticity?

Check to see if the supplements are in the body to absorb them?

Do not use too much temperatures in the manufacturing process so that it does not destroy its nutritional content?

Utilize only natural substances in the supplement , and not synthetics?

Have the products tested independently by reputable sources?

Produce products that are classified as food items or are they drugs?

The information you need should be readily available. If you don’t agree with the answers you receive or if you find the answers not readily available, it’s a great decision to go to a different firm and avoid these kinds of supplements in the first place.

Two important things you need to be aware of:

Only 10% of chemical vitamin can be absorbed as compared to more than 90 percent of a food vitamin.

A recent study has shown that the chance of picking an effective and non-toxic health supplement out of the huge range of supplements available is just 2.5 percent. Also, there’s an 97.5 percentage chance that without examining the quality of the product on your own, you may choose a product that could be harmful for your health!

Utilize this knowledge. It will help you make the right choices when buying vitamins and nutritional supplements.

The best choices are limited as the majority of the supplements available are all synthetic or comprised of synthetic minerals/vitamins and certain whole foods. In the past 40 years the government stated that there was no distinction between a synthetic and natural vitamin. Therefore, the majority of firms chose to follow the simpler and less costly route in the creation of the supplements they offer.

The choice is yours to choose ….

You may decide to buy synthetic supplements that are poor in absorption, and may cause harm to your health, and make use of the majority of their ability to add synthesized nutrients into your wastewater.


Do you ever awaken during the night to find yourself feeling

The Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Do you ever awaken during the night to find yourself feeling like you’re choking or having a hard time breathing? No, it probably wasn’t a nightmare, and it’s most likely a condition that needs to be looked into. With these symptoms it’s very possible that you have Sleep Apnea which can be a severe sleep disorder.

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Other symptoms to look for include snoring that’s so persistent it wakes your partner, morning headaches, and dry mouth. If these symptoms apply to you, you need to see a doctor right away. They are all indications that you might be a victim of Sleep Apnea.

You’ve undoubtedly heard about people having sleep disorders, and Sleep Apnea can be one of the most severe on the list. “Apnea” comes from the Greek and means “want of breath”. During an Apnea episode, your breathing is disrupted by either slowing down or stopping altogether for a short period of time. These disruptions can occur as often as 20 times in only one hour, and each episode can mean a 20 second period during which your body is near death.

Sleep Apnea is a dangerous condition that not only destroys your sleep but also affects your entire body. There are three different types of sleep apnea, and in their worst stages, all three of them can be deadly.

The Widespread Problem of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common type. During sleep, the muscles in your soft palate, which are located around the base of your tongue, relax and obstruct your airway. When this happens, the oxygen level in your blood decreases causing hypoxia, your blood pressure goes up, and a great deal of stress is placed on your heart. All of these difficulties keep you from going into the deeper, sounder phases of the sleep cycle which means your body starts suffering from sleep deprivation. To add to the problem, you will experience snoring and choking which can awaken you several times a night. Your body becomes desperate for sleep.

Rare but Lethal Central Sleep Apnea

Central Sleep Apnea is a much rarer condition that Obstructive Apnea, because it’s caused by a flaw in the brain. In this condition your brain gives the wrong or delayed messages to your body’s breathing mechanisms. Because of these faulty signals, throat, abdominal and oral breathing all stop at the same time for a few seconds. Even though it doesn’t last long, it can still lower the amount of oxygen that gets to your blood and tissues and can lead to high blood pressure, an irregular heartbeat, and heart stroke.

Dual Causes of Mixed Sleep Apnea

If you suffer from both of the conditions described above, Obstructive Apnea and Central Apnea, you are said to have Mixed Sleep Apnea. In this condition you have the combined symptoms of relaxed throat muscles and flawed breathing signals from your brain, and the combination can obviously be much more detrimental to your health.

Since Obstructive Sleep Apnea is the most common form of apnea that people suffer from, it’s a good idea for everyone to know exactly what symptoms to look for as well as what causes the condition and how it can be treated in case you, or someone in your family, develop the problem.

What Causes Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

There are a number of different factors that can obstruct your airway while you’re sleeping and bring on episodes of Obstructive Apnea. You might have muscles in your tongue and throat that shrink too much when your body relaxes in sleep allowing them to block the function of your airway. In addition, if you are overweight, your airway can be obstructed by the soft tissue in your throat becoming larger and stiffer. If your adenoids or tonsils become enlarged, that, too, can disrupt your airflow.

What are the Symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Waking because you’re choking and having problems breathing and snoring are very common symptoms of Obstructive Apnea. Being very sleepy during daytime hours can also be a sign that your sleep is being disrupted. With this form of of the condition you can lose the ability to concentrate, suffer from dry mouth, wake with headaches, experience a rapid weight gain, or have lethargy, high blood pressure, and possibly depression.

What Treatment is Available for Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

There are things that you can do to prevent or halt the progression of Obstructive Apnea even if you haven’t yet seen a doctor about the condition. The solution to the problem might be as easy as losing weight, changing your sleep position, or eliminating alcohol from your evening routine. In more severe cases, medical treatments may be needed, however. Some of the more common medical procedures used to treat apnea include Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), Oxygen Administration, and surgeries such as a tracheostomy.

If you have reason to believe that you might have sleep apnea and are exhibiting the symptoms outlined above, never put off going to a doctor thinking you can treat the problem yourself. A visit to your doctor will confirm the condition and its causes so that you can follow the right mode of treatment for a speedy recovery.


Women are amazing beings that it’s mind-boggling at times

Women are amazing beings that it’s mind-boggling at times. I am sure you’re thinking that we’re females, so any self-congratulation sounds a bit over the top.

Think about it for a moment. Our physical appearance is drastically different from men. We must train almost twice as much to achieve any significant gains in the gym and our genes are programmed to retain more fat than men due to different hormonal makeup of our bodies.

paragard removal side effects

Let’s be honest women, our bodies were designed to support children and not for weight lifting or figure contests. Whatever the case, whether babies are a priority for you or not the system you have in place will strive to provide the most comfortable and soft environment for the baby’s growth in the initial nine months of their existence.

Nature’s plan.

The most interesting thing is the fact that if you’re trying to prevent the onset of pregnancy, you’ll probably experience an increase in hormonal imbalance, and more noticeable consequences of estrogen hormone working its magic.

Are you unsure of which one I’m talking about? The phrase brings back memories of fat gain, bloat nausea, nausea, spotting the beginning of bleeding. It can also trigger mood swings and even extreme headaches. It’s a simple phrase that has lots of force. Ready?

“The Pill.”

Many who have used contraceptives for birth are aware of the possible negative consequences. They are normal whenever hormone levels change by any means, your body will let you know about the changes.

Birth control pills are made up of progesterone and synthetic estrogen (or in some instances it is just one of those two). Since menstrual cycles and the ovulation cycle are controlled by hormones, this rise causes a myriad of changes to the reproductive system that leads to the prevention of pregnancy.

As any female in the fitness industry is aware, we do to reduce the hormones that affect females within our bodies. We are all aware that higher levels of testosterone along with lower estrogen levels, are crucial to a feeling of overall well-being and wellbeing.

It’s testosterone that helps us gain lean mass, reduce fat storage, increase sexual desire, ward off that “I’m PMS’ing-leave-me-alone” mood, keep our skin healthy, and our minds sharp. The excess levels of testosterone’s antagonist estrogen have an opposite reaction on our bodies.

It is evident that increasing your personal estrogen levels by getting to the pill is more than insane. However, it’s considered a must by the majority of women. A lot of us take the unpleasant side effects and are able to live with the negative effects of a less-than-perfect hormonal balance.

What else can you do?

This is the question we’ll address within this piece. I’ve conducted extensive studies on this topic which included interviewing a number of athletes in the fitness and figure arena about their experiences using the birth control pill. Every one of them have found what works best for her. Whether it’s a lower dose of estrogen pill or a more effective alternative that can do the job while keeping the hormone levels at a minimum in line with her fitness regimen and ultra-lean physique targets.


Best Pregnancy Prevention Devices

It is widely utilized all over the world. There are numerous choices for women to choose from in the present, as there has been many advancements in the field of birth control technology. The most commonly utilized contraceptive devices used in the world today is IUD contraceptive device. This is a T-shaped device that is placed into the uterus. The device was initially invented in the 1970’s and was deemed as being prone to infection However, advancements in technology and new materials have allowed manufacturers to make this device an effective method for preventing pregnancy.

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The most significant breakthrough came by the replacement of the so-called “string” (the most long portion in the T) by a plastic material. This is among the greatest advances as plastic is an anti-infection material. This has made it among the best prenatal preventative devices. They typically cost between $200 and $600 however, they are worth every cent. You can purchase them from any local gynecologist or health professional. They’re known to be extremely effective, and studies indicate that when used correctly, just one out of 100 women will be pregnant with the IUD contraceptive device. It is important to keep in mind that these devices aren’t 100% effective. They are certainly effective in protecting against pregnancy but they do not provide protection against autres STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases).

There are two kinds of IUD’s on the market at present. They are the ParaGard and the Mirena. ParaGard is a version of the Mirena. ParaGard is a copper-based version of the device, and it is free of hormones. This kind of device can is able to last for as long as 12 years, which is quite a long time. The Mirena releases hormones and can be effective for around five years. The primary reason that couples use IUD contraceptives is that they are able to have spontaneous sexual relations. Because the ParaGard one isn’t a hormone, it doesn’t cause any changes in hormone levels. The Mirena however is known to reduce the frequency of women’s periods. The advantage from these two devices is the fact that let women quickly be pregnant after having them removed.

However, as we’ve mentioned before, the devices aren’t ideal. They have minor issues that are significant. With the ParaGard women are recognized to have heavier menstrual cycles. This is particularly true when women already have heavy menstrual flow since this device has a major influence on the menstrual flow. The devices are been known to cause spotting during periods. Women have also complained of menstrual cramps and back pain.

Another option is the birth control patch. The birth control patches are typically placed on a woman’s thigh, arm or abdomen. Birth control patches function by releasing hormones that stop the ovulation process. The reasoning behind this is simple. There’s no egg for the sperm to fertilize and there is no pregnancy. The patch application is required to be in sync with the menstrual cycle of the month. The Birth patch should be placed on the day following the period or on a specific time of the week (for instance, Sunday) The patch is then replaced each month on that same date for a period of 3 weeks. The patch should not be applied during the fourth week, when the period begins. A different method of contraception is advised in the first week of pregnancy to avoid unpleasant surprises. The patch is placed on the skin that is free of makeup, lotions or creams. The patch shouldn’t be cut in any manner. Like IUD contraceptives, birth patches do not protect against STDs. This makes them perfect for couples who are married but not trying to have kids but not yet.


Dry Cough Home Remedies: Easy Breathing Exercises

Common causes of dry cough

A dry cough does not produce sputum. This is the reason why it is sometimes called nonproductive cough. A dry cough often develops at the end of a cold (infection). It can be a reaction to an irritant, such as dust or smoke. Numerous chemicals are used in medical research to trigger cough in experimental animals.


In humans, there are several causes of a dry nonproductive cough, such as:

– viral infection (such cough may last more than 2-3 weeks and the symptoms often get worse at night)

– bronchospasm (a dry cough, particularly at night, leads to additional CO2 losses and cause spasms in the bronchial tubes (bronchospasm) due to hypocapnia or low CO2 in the airways)

– allergic triggers (due to pollen, dust, fumes, perfume, various other chemicals and so forth)

– some medical drugs, e.g., ACE inhibitors which contain captopril, lisinopril, and enalapril maleate

– asthma (due to chronic inflammation in airways with accompanying wheezing, shortness of breath, and a feeling of tightness in the chest

– blockage of the airways by an object, such as food, powder, or a pill

Why could dry cough become chronic?

There many negative effects due to chronic coughing or coughing attacks. It reduces boxy oxygen levels due to losses of CO2 in the arterial blood. Traditional coughing (through the mouth) is a form of hyperventilation. As a result, low CO2 levels in the lungs causes more problems with oxygen delivery. Indeed, according to the laws of physiology, when we breathe more air at rest, we get less oxygen in body cells. In addition, low CO2 in the airways causes over-excited states of urge-to-cough receptors since CO2 is a powerful calmative and sedative of nerve cells. High or normal CO2 levels keep nerve cells calm, while low CO2 levels makes them irritable. This means that CO2 losses due to coughing cause more coughing.

Dry cough home remedies

There are several dry cough home remedies (or breathing exercises) invented by Russian medical doctors practicing the Buteyko breathing technique. These exercises have been successfully tested on thousands of asthmatics and other cough-sufferers.

Home Remedy No. 1. Learn how to cough only through your nose (i.e., with your mouth being closed all the time). This exercise will help you to reduce inflammation of airways and bronchospasm, and increase oxygen levels in the brain and body cells.

Home Remedy No. 2. After your mastered the first exercise, learn how to cough with both, your mouth and nose closed. How could this be done? When you get an urge to cough, keep your mouth closed and your nose pinched. You will get more CO2 in airways and increase your body and brain oxygen levels.

Most people can reduce duration of coughing attacks due to these 2 exercises. However, you can achieve even more success, if you use the most effective anti-coughing home remedy that is called “reduced breathing”.

Home Remedy No. 3. Sit down in a comfortable position. While having the bout of coughing, relax and at the end of your usual exhalation, pinch your nose and hold your breath (your mouth should be closed all the time) but until you experience mild distress (or air hunger).

After this breath hold, when you get a mild air hunger, take only a small (or short) inhalation (one small sniff) and do it only through the nose. After this small inhalation, you need to focus on relaxation of all body muscles, especially in the upper chest and shoulders. Do not exhale air forcefully. You need to relax the muscles in order to exhale slowly.

If coughing is present, your goal is to restrict the gas exchange to very small inhalations followed by natural and easy exhalations. Then take another short inhalation (a small sniff of air) and again completely relax for the exhalation.

You should maintain medium level of air hunger while relaxing all body muscles. Your breathing pattern can be quite frequent during this reduced breathing exercise (frequent short inhalations and short exhalations), and this is normal.

If you do this exercise correctly, you will breathe about 25-40% less air, while being totally relaxed, and you will notice 2 positive signs:

– Your arms and feet will get warmer in about 1 minutes after starting this exercise (due to improved circulation)

– Your nasal passages will become more open and moist within 1-2 minutes.

This dry cough home remedy can also be used during night sleep since it will help you, in addition, to fall asleep much faster. Just remember to avoid supine sleep: sleeping on one’s back is worst for coughing, asthma, heart disease, children, elderly people, pregnant women, and all other situations and conditions tested in clinical trials. In order to achieve success, sleep on your chest or the left side.

Permanent remedies for persistent dry cough

After testing thousands of their sick patients, these Russian medical doctors found that dry cough is possible only in those people who have less than 20 seconds for the body oxygen test. As a result, the permanent remedy for dry cough is to slow down the unconscious or automatic breathing pattern and get more than 20 seconds for the body oxygen test. Oxygen Remedy, Amazing DIY breathing device, and Frolov respiratory device are some of the options to get more oxygen in body cells.


Rent of Auto-CPAP Machines and CPAP Masks

Rent of Auto-CPAP Machines and CPAP masks is an option if you require the CPAP treatment for short term or if you haven’t find out the machine and mask type which would best suit you. If your requirement is short term there is hardly any point in wasting 800 to 1000 dollars on a machine. Also, paying for a machine and mask when you don’t know whether you will be comfortable with it is high risk since if you don’t feel comfortable you will end up not using it and your sleep apnea will not be treated. This is why rent of Auto Machines and CPAP masks is recommended by users and associations.

Philips CPAP Machines

You could check with your local DME, your physician, or your local store regarding the places which have CPAP services including rent of Auto-CPAP Machines and CPAP masks. The same places which provide CPAP machines would also have Auto machines on rent. You may also browse the internet for rental agencies and dealers who give machines and accessories for rent. Many dealers offer trial periods which would allow you to test the machines before you settle on one. Asking around in forums and consulting other people who suffer from sleep apnea will also help you find places which provide rent of Auto-CPAP Machines and CPAP masks.

If you want the machine for a long term then you could go for programs which offer rent of Auto-CPAP Machines and CPAP masks along with optional purchase options. This would help if you end up liking the product, since you would be sure of the product quality through your own experience before you make your purchase. Usually Medicaid, Medicare and certain private insurances cover for rent and purchase programs. Certain insurances even make it mandatory to rent for three months before you buy a CPAP machine.

While going for rent of Auto-CPAP Machines and CPAP masks go for only those places which have good feedback. Check out the machine quality and standard. You could go for machines and masks from trustworthy and well known companies. Check out the terms and conditions in the contract so that you are not blind sided. Be sure to read the fine print. The lease or rental period could vary from weeks to months. Take a look at your requirements before you settle on one.