Keeping Your Home As Secure As Possible

In terms of home security, it is no longer enough to be able to lock your doors and windows when you leave for work or for vacation. Recent high-profile home invasions and burglaries have demonstrated that home security should be a priority for every homeowner. The fact is that today’s modern burglar tools are sophisticated and well beyond what we had in the past. In this article I will briefly discuss some simple steps that I think are critical to ensuring the safety of your home and family.

home security systems

First, make sure that you and your family frequently change the locks on your front doors. This is particularly important if you live in a neighborhood where several other homes are on the same block or next door to yours. Many potential burglars use neighbor’s doors as a means to break into homes. If you only use one door to enter your home, chances are that you won’t know whether or not the door has been forced open until it’s too late.

Second, never, ever put up curtains or drapes in your home windows. Windows is an easy way for a criminal to view what you have inside your home and if they are opened, they give the criminal the perfect view of what you have inside the home. Curtain and drape material should only be used on the perimeter of your windows. Doing so eliminates a criminal from being able to see into your home or garage. As previously mentioned, home security is not about keeping the outside of your home “safe”, but rather keeping the inside safe. Having inadequate windows coverage leaves you and your family at high risk from both outside and inside intrusions.

Third, if you have a garage, do not post signs that allow anyone to gain access to your home. Unfortunately, there are many people that do not know that you have a garage and drive right up to the door without knocking or ringing the doorbell first. If you don’t want a stranger to come in your home with their car or truck, simply close the door between your vehicle and the person’s vehicle. If it is open, there is no reason for them to enter in anyway. Home security is a system that must work in conjunction with other home security methods to ensure that the entire house is secured and nobody is able to get in.

Fourth, don’t underestimate the security of having neighbors. Many people may not think of this, but when a criminal is trying to break into your home, neighbors can help by calling the police. By informing on neighbors who may be assisting the police or who may even be directly assisting the police on your behalf, you can reduce your exposure to crime while increasing your security in your home. The same holds true with the use of video surveillance equipment inside your home. By not having someone watching over your shoulder 24 hours a day, seven days a week, you eliminate the greatest source of temptation for a criminal to target your home. Home security options are there to help you make the most of your safety and to reduce the chance of you, your family, or your home being victimized.

Fifth, don’t give up! Home security options come and go. Newer technology is introduced and old technologies are replaced. Keep an eye on the security options, your provider has in place in an effort to keep your home safe and secure at all times.