Bodyguard Protection

Bodyguard protection is an action plan that is designed to help defend or apprehend someone else and his/her vehicle. Bodyguards are employed by individuals, corporations, and other groups for various purposes, such as attending large social gatherings, protecting business personnel and their families, attending to VIPs, attending high profile meetings, seminars, and much more. As a bodyguard, one will wear a unique jacket or a suit that has been customized to fit the needs of the task at hand. These jackets and suits are made with fabric or leather, depending on the size of the bodyguard and the kind of assignment. Most importantly, a Bodyguard will be equipped with a pager, which is equipped with a number that needs to be called during the event that an emergency occurs.

A Bodyguard’s main duty is to act as the first line of defense between any aggressors and the people they are protecting. A Bodyguard provides protection and security for their client and/or himself. There are different levels of Bodyguard protection, depending on the employer of the Bodyguard services, as well as what the Bodyguard is protecting. There are private bodyguards, commissioned Bodyguard executives, and full-time bodyguards that protect VIPs and other high profile clients of companies. In addition, there are off-duty bodyguards that may provide Bodyguard protection services at specified locations or times.

Bodyguard protection also includes providing protection to an individual against an assault, homicide, kidnapping, hit and run, arson, shoplifting, choking, and vehicular theft. In addition, Bodyguard protection is an important part of a corporate identity protection program. Bodyguards are usually hired by corporations to provide Bodyguard protection at special events or high-profile meetings. Off-duty Bodyguard protection Bodyguards may not carry weapons, but may assist officers by securing facilities, following, and assisting them. There are also many Bodyguard agencies that provide Bodyguard protection services to individuals in specific industries such as sports, the military, business and law enforcement at affordable Personal Security Guard Cost.