A Review of the Popular New Inventors TV Show

The New Inventors has been an Australian talk show, which was aired on ABC1 and was hosted and comedian James O’Loghlin. Each episode featured a short sketch from one of the new inventors from the country. One of the most popular guests to appear on the show was Steve Hughes who had a short appearance as himself in one of the episodes. He presented his hovercraft idea and was followed by fellow inventor Troy Turner.


During the show, O’Loghlin also brought in some other guests such as microbiologist Bruce Sharp and supercomputer expert Simon Bricknell. O’Loghlin also had segments where he brought in guests who had something to contribute regarding the July 2021 issue of Popular Mechanics where the new inventors had come up with their new ideas. Some of these guests included fashion designer Peter Eliasberg, who was able to describe what it would be like to grow n fit Extendable Bikes. He was followed by neurosurgeon-slash-car accident victim Oliver Miller who was able to explain how he used a brain stimulator to regain his ability to walk again.

The New Inventors Grand Final was an instant hit and received high ratings in the process. Many other programs have followed in the footsteps of the New Inventors TV show, including the Caravan Mystery Show. Many of the shows have been short affairs that have poked fun at current topics or have provided some interesting facts or stories for the audience to learn about. Most recently the New Inventors Grand Final was given a movie of the same name, which focused on the story of the year’s contest and was very popular with audiences all over the world.