Help For New Inventions

There are a variety of ways to get help for new inventors. Inventors looking to get help should first take a close look at their situation and decide what kind of assistance they need.

Do they have to create their own product or do they need to enhance an existing product? Will their invention to qualify for a patent? If so, will the USPTO consider it one of “U.S. Patentable inventions”?

For many new inventors and especially those with newly developed products, there are a number of options available to them. One option is the Paris convention. The Paris convention was designed for foreign invention filing in foreign countries, and while this isn’t available for the United States, foreign countries that have an equivalent law may be able to assist. This help for new inventors can come from a national business organization, or from a legal representative from a foreign company.

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Another option for assistance for new inventors is to work with a qualified patent attorney. A patent attorney can provide information about the types of inventions which are considered by the United States Patent Office as being eligible for patent protection. In addition, he or she can help new inventors evaluate their invention idea to make sure that it is not simply an improved version of an already existing product or process, but an entirely new one. In most cases, it is best if an inventor hires the services of a patent attorney rather than attempting to do the research on his or her own.