Water Damage Repair: Tips For Repairing Your Water Damage Within One Hour

The price of water damage repair varies widely depending on how extensive the water damage is. In most cases, water damage repairs typically range from $500 to more than three thousand. But you can repair just about any leak in a home for less than $50.

Before you begin water damage repair, if you discover that mold is present, the immediate step is to remove all the mold, no matter how small it is. The next step in your process is to thoroughly disinfect the area. You can disinfect using rubbing alcohol or any disinfectant that is safe for household use. However, make sure you read the label carefully to make sure that the disinfectant you buy is compatible with molds and bacteria. If you don’t disinfect the mold and the source of water flow, then mold will continue to spread throughout your home.


When you are finished disinfecting the affected areas, you can inspect the areas for any remaining mold or bacteria. Inspecting the mold and bacteria is not difficult. Simply look for dark spots, discolored spots or growths. You can also use a wet/dry shop vac to inspect the affected areas. After you have finished inspecting, you can move on to drying process.