Treasure Hunt Fun Can Be Enjoyed by All

Everybody loves a good treasure hunt. It seems like when we were kids that we got to participate in treasure hunts quite a bit; whether it be ones that our parents made for us, at birthday parties, or associated with school activities. I remember when I was young, Santa Claus would always hide one of our presents and leave clues for us to find it. It was great, and it was usually our biggest and best present that was hidden. Oh what a great treasure to find! As grown-ups it’s much harder to participate in truly fun and exciting treasure hunts, but there are a few things out there that can fill the void for those Indiana Jones wannabes.


Geocaching is a great way to treasure hunt. The way geocaching works is that people hide a cache or “treasure” and give the geo coordinates where the cache is located. Traditionally the cache is a metal box of some sort with a log book and something to write with as well as just some fun odds and ends. When a cache is found, the finder signs the log book and can take one of the “treasures” out of the cache and is encouraged to leave something else in its place. While that is a description of a typical cache, caches can vary in their size and purpose. Some caches are very small like just a film or match container. These usually just have a log in them and are for the excitement of the hunt. Often caches will be hidden at locations where there is something interesting to see or a great view. Geocaching is definitely one way to get out there and hunt for some treasure.

Metal detecting is another modern day form of treasure hunting. Using a metal detector, you can go out and find all sorts of old coins, buttons, pins, and jewelry. It can be super exciting hearing the tone tell you that there is something beneath you and then digging for your treasure. There are lots of places to go metal detecting, but one that could turn up some valuable treasure is around old homesteads. A long time ago many people did not put their money in banks, but they would bury it. Usually they would bury it close by their home, and quite often where they would be able to see it from the house like in sight from the kitchen window. Other common places were dog houses or chicken coups where there was a “built in alarm.” Metal detecting can be another great way to hunt for real treasure.

Lastly, another way that you can do some modern day hunting for treasure is to find groups that put on treasure hunts. There are still those that love treasure hunting and will make up hunts for others to participate in. Some even offer quite a bit of money for solving the clues and finding the treasure. Some of these will charge for the clues and some of them are free. There are not a lot of these groups out there, but there are a few and they can be super fun!