The menus you usually find in Italian restaurants

Like foods that use cheese? Italian food can be the answer to food sprinkled with various types of cheese. Italian main dishes often use more than one type of cheese. So you will never get bored of consuming it. Not only cheese, but Italian food is also famous for its healthy dishes. All ingredients used, from vegetables to pasta, always use fresh ingredients.

Whether it’s in an expensive restaurant or a roadside cafe, Italians always take care of the quality of the ingredients they use. If you visit an Italian restaurant, you will find Italian specialties that you cannot miss. What are the foods that you usually find on the menu at Italian restaurants? There are many menus that you usually find in Italian restaurants and also famous in other countries such as America and Asian countries because of their taste that they cannot forget. So what are the menus at Italian restaurants that you can’t miss?

1. Pizza

Pizza is the bread that uses oil and spices on it as a topping. The original Italian pizza is Margherita pizza that uses cheese, basil, and fresh tomatoes as a topping. The hallmark of Italian pizza is that it has thin, crispy bread. In its development, pizza now has more types of toppings such as meat and chicken, or pizza with thicker bread.

2. Lasagna

Does lasagna include pasta? The answer is yes. Lasagna is a form of flat pasta that is cooked by stacking it with layers of meat and cheese until several layers are then grilled until cooked. This authentic Italian dish should fit best served hot. Traditional lasagna uses béchamel sauce, ragù, and cheese. The use of tomatoes was to match the American tongue when lasagna was first introduced there.

3. Polenta

Pollen is a typical Italian porridge made from corn. In the 16th century corn was a popular crop in Europe, and Polenta became the star dish. Polenta is served as a side dish for main meat dishes. Warm Polenta porridge is suitable as a menu during winter in Italy.

4. Risotto

Risotto is shaped like porridge and has a thicker texture. The dish is made of special rice cooked together with meat broth and various kinds of Italian spices. One of the most popular types is the Risotto Alla Milanese. and another type is the classic Risotto that is usually served in a home-style and Risi E Bisi Risotto with peas.

5. Carbonara

An Italian restaurant is not complete without a carbonara pasta menu. This Italian food menu is very famous throughout the world. Pasta carbonara using spaghetti, eggs, pecorino cheese, guanciale, and black pepper. Until now, there are many variants, namely by thickening the sauce with cream.

Italian restuarant

6. Arancini and Supplì

This menu is a menu that is also popular in Italian restaurants. Arancini and Suppli are shaped like fried rice balls. Inside the Arancini you will find cheese and various vegetables, such as peas, mushrooms, and eggplants. Arancini is a typical Italian appetizer served in small portions. Supplì is a typical Roman dish with a rectangular shape filled with rice, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese in large chunks.