Important Fire Protection Accessory

An important component of a Chimney Sweep is the Fire Door Inspection Tool. This tool is very useful when it comes to checking a fire door for any sort of damage, including the presence of termites or some other pests. These tools are made out of wood that has been treated to resist the extreme temperatures and pressures that a real-life fire would bring to a building. It also features a stainless steel spring to give support to the heavy weight of the entire package. These tools have a waterproof fastening mechanism that ensures that they can support a roof covering on top of a fire door in case water gets into the system.

All Things Inspector

In some regions around the world, people opt to get the services of a Chimney Sweep and Fire Door Inspector to deal with the needs for fire protection for their homes and businesses. A Chimney Sweep is a professional who deals with cases of fire protection. They carry specialised equipment with them in order to deal with different situations. The main job of these professionals is to check for hazards and obstructions that may impede the smooth flow of air into the building as well as the fire escapes from roof areas. If a chimney or a roof covering is found to be blocking this air flow, then they are recommended to install an effective fire door.

The Fire Door Inspection Tool is usually attaching to the company’s approved Chimney Sweep in order to give it extra support during its job. There are a couple of things that need to be taken into consideration when determining the effectiveness of a Fire Door Gap Gauge. First and foremost are the material thickness gauge of the chimney. It should be checked to ensure that it has been manufactured to the appropriate specifications, in accordance to the local fire safety codes.