PowerPoint Design Tools

In order to use PowerPoint Design tips to your advantage, you must first understand how to create a good presentation with the software. First of all, you must understand that the slides are the back bone of any presentation, whether used in a business setting or at school. Your slides must communicate the overall message of your entire presentation in a way that allows people to see the information they need to without scrolling too far down the page. In order to do this, you must have a striking presentation layout to present your information in an attractive, interesting way. Because stellar layout ideas are so important, you must wear the designer hat.

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Another tip for creating a great presentation layout is to use the right amount of white space. Without white space, it is impossible to properly set off the images and information on your slides. White space makes the text formatting easier to read and makes the presentation’s structure seem more substantial. Also, remember to use the appropriate amount of headings, subheading, bullet points, and other types of formatting for the various sections of your slides.

One of the most effective PowerPoint design tools to help you lay out your information is the ribbon. The ribbon contains all of the different sections of your presentation, and depending on which tab you click on, it will automatically organize all of your data on that tab. You can use the tab controls to arrange your data in columns or rows, as well as the left and right arrows to move within a section. The ribbon also lets you customize the color scheme, size of the text boxes, and what kind of fill color you would like to use. There are other useful PowerPoint design tools available, but the ribbon is probably the best option if you’re new to PowerPoint. Using the ribbon will allow you to quickly learn how to navigate through and design your slides and have greater success with the process.