Making Exam Results Obtainable to All School Staff

An examination management system is basically a program which has been designed to handle the entire examination process from start to finish. It covers all the aspects related to examination management, from getting application forms and registration, to the preparation of questions and examination tests, administering test papers, printing, distributing, and statistical data. These programs are also helpful in managing the examination schedule of multiple schools in a single computer system. They help to maintain records of test results and generate reports for both individual students and other teachers who may need to access the information on the examination schedule.

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The examination management software must be compatible with the various operating systems and hardware of most examination centres. It must allow the administrators to download and print results immediately after the exams have been administered. It is often required that the software be compatible with the exam scoring systems. Most centres are now installing web-based applications which allow administrators to administer examinations directly from their own computers. Online practice tests and mock exams are also available for the student as well as the teacher.

Examination management software helps to ensure that every student and teacher is properly apprised of the examination schedule. This enables them to take the best possible actions to improve their grades and prepare for their exams. By providing quick access to the examination schedule and making it easy to track progress over time, this software also helps to make sure that every school staff member is committed to ensuring the highest levels of academic performance. By enabling each staff member to view their examination results, they can better identify weak students and those who may be struggling in order to bring these students up to standard.