Get Your Website in First Page of Google Search Results

One of the first things you must do to get your website in the first page of Google search result is to create good content. You can write good articles that contain relevant keywords and put them in your title and body. This is an important aspect of online marketing. Google has rules that state any website can only be one of the results if it has good and quality content. If you have good and high content on your website then Google will think that it is worth putting into its index.

check keywords position

Google Keyword Searches Phrases. This is the same position a certain site or page appears in when Google search results are shown. It means that when a Google searcher does a search using those keywords then the website that appears after the first two listed on the result will be displayed on the first page of Google. This doesn’t mean paid advertising like Google AdWords though.

Webmaster Tools. Google webmaster tools are a great way for webmasters to see how people use their site. One of the features that webmasters can use to check the website position they want their page to appear in Google search results is called the “Innovation Report” tool. Here, you can find out exactly which keywords and links people used to get to your site. This will tell you what kind of advertising works best for your business and website position.