Four Reasons Why You Should Buy Claw-foot Tubs

Whether you are moving into a new place to start anew, or moving out of your old house and planning to sell it, renovating your bathroom is a good investment. The bathroom is a room where we start the day as well as end the day, so it is important to start and end it beautifully and comfortably. That is why people also pay a great deal of attention to the bathroom when buying a house. It is said that remodelling the bathroom can help you get a 102% return. That sounds like all the reasons for you to have your bathroom renovated.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, claw-foot tubs are one of the most popular decor items available today. It is not only just a pretty face but also a brilliant complement to your bathroom. Here is four reasons why you should buy a claw-foot tub for your bathroom:

Less Effort

“No pain, more gain”. This is not exactly how the proverb sounds, but this is definitely how a claw-foot tub is. A claw-foot tub is a perfect tub for you if you want to have some DIY projects in remodeling your bathroom. When you install a claw-foot tub, you almost have nothing to do but to place it where you want it to be. There is no need to build edges or install a glass divider. The only a-must you have is the plumbing. You can install a curtain if you want a classic old time look, but it is not a necessity.

More Matches

Classics are not only timeless but also versatile. Claw-foot tubs are no exception. You can fit the classic look claw-foot tubs rock into many interior styles. As an example, you can paint them with bold dark colors to fit into a modern industrial style bathroom, or you can pick a pastel pink or mint for your tub and get a sweet shabby chic look, or you can even use the classic white tub and gold or black claw-foot to elevate your Victorian or rustic bathroom. Claw-foot tubs offer limitless creativity and timeless beauty.

More Years

Classic Clawfoot

Known for their durability, claw-foot tubs were commonly made of cast iron with porcelain coating. Even though today’s claw-foot tubs mostly are made of acrylics, they are still durable. However, if you want your claw-foot tubs handed down over generations, you should find a cast iron one. They surely are more pricey, but the durability is undebatable. Even if you decide to get a second-hand claw-foot tub, it is almost as good as new because the cast iron ones are coated in porcelain. It protects against abrasions and is stain resistant.

More Comfort

Finally, claw-foot tubs offer what we all want from a long warm bath: comfort. You just have to choose what models that you want: slipper tub or double-ended tub. Both are great anyway because they have gentle sloping, offering more comfort for your relaxing time in hot baths.