What Is Pregnancy? – Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

What is pregnancy? Pregnancy is the process by which a woman attains her first Period. Pregnancy generally lasts around forty weeks, or about nine months, as determined by the last menstruation. The exact time frame and date for conception can vary greatly from woman to woman, even from the same menstrual cycle a month or so earlier. Most women have their most fertile periods during their second trimester.

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Women are most likely to become pregnant when they begin to experience their monthly periods. A healthy pregnancy can have a normal course, sometimes even with some short period of spotting between ovulation and delivery. However, if the pregnancy has progressed far beyond the twenty-week mark, then more than half of the normal menstrual flow can be missed, the ovaries may not release an egg, and thus a viable pregnancy is ruled out. Other early symptoms of pregnancy include:

Some women, usually those in their late thirties and early forties, do not experience vaginal intercourse for a year or more before becoming pregnant. Early indicators of pregnancy include: a feeling of fullness nearly immediately after a woman is finished having intercourse, a feeling of nausea after eating certain foods, the presence of a lighter “glow” in the pelvic area, tenderness of the breasts, and of course, if a woman is pregnant, a growing bump inside the uterus. The size and shape of the bump are almost identical to the shape and size of a pregnancy, and if it is not caused by pregnancy, it could very well be a benign growth, like a mole or a skin tag. There are more specific early symptoms of pregnancy, but these will give you a guide.