What is HODL in Stocks? A Brief Explanation

If you’re planning to invest in cryptocoins, you may want to learn what is hodl in stocks. Basically, hodl is the percentage that an asset’s market value is divided by the total number of shares that have been issued. Private entities must first be invited into the network, then they can participate in the issuance of blocks of coins. Each block is issued with a pre-determined amount of “hodl,” which is essentially the initial fee that was paid in to start the coin.

So, how is how calculated? In a simple example using a typical company, let’s say that there are 100 shares being issued. This is actually just a tiny percentage of the total number of shares being issued (since it’s a private block), so we’ll use the price per share instead. We’ll assume that the company is publicly held and thus doesn’t require you to go through any complicated red tape or anything. The price of each share is then divided by the total number of shares. The result is the average price per share for each block.

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In general terms, “hodl” is simply the amount of money that the company makes per share. The more hodls that are involved per share, the less “expensive” the stock is. In the end, “what is hot” in shares? This number is a very general indicator of how stable the underlying private chain of coins is. As you probably have guessed, this is a very important question to ask before purchasing any type of stock in any company.