What is a pest control and why you need one

Pest Control is a service that refers to the elimination or prevention of species that fall under the definition of pests, or from animals that can harm people’s health, ecology, and the economy. Many people consider the task of pest control only as pest control, but actually, their job also includes controlling and preventing pest attacks. The word exterminate is too much because we cannot eliminate the presence of a pest. After all, it is an integrated environmental ecosystem. So, if one of the animals is not present, it is feared that the balance of the ecosystem in the area will be disturbed. That is where we need pest control to tackle the growth of pests. So, it can not disturb our dwellings and activities and to maintain their existence for the sake of environmental balance.


Pests that usually require handling from pest control are urban pests, not pests that usually occur in plantations or agriculture. The types of pests that usually require pest control are:
– Flying insects (such as mosquitoes and flies)
– Crawling insects (ants, termites, mice, and cockroaches, mice)
– Barn pests (beetles, fleas, caterpillars, and moths)
– Special pests. Pests of this type usually include millipedes, geckos, spiders, bats, and various other kinds of animals that are not commonly found in urban areas.

The handling steps that you often find in pest control services are spraying, fogging, misting, fumigation, baiting, dusting, and, if necessary, using pesticides. Some of these treatments require experienced and trained people. In other words, some hard control measures should only be taken by an expert, not just anyone. Even though it seems simple, pest control must use the right way, and when using liquids or drugs, you must use the right dose according to the standard. Therefore, pest control should only be carried out by professionals among them. There are three groups of clients who usually use pest control services, namely:
– Industrial area
– Housing, including warehousing and factory areas.
– Commercial. For example, cafes, hotels, offices, apartments, and other places of business)

The aim of pest control, in essence, is that the environment where we live or work can be more comfortable and can be free from the problem of pests and possible diseases. Termites, spiders, cockroaches, ants, and various other types of animals that have the potential to become pests that disturb your home must be treated quickly and appropriately before losses occur. Radar Pest Control consists of experts in their fields who are ready to control pests that disturb your place of residence. Radar Pest Control does not only depend on the use of chemicals but also combines several control methods according to the characteristics of each area. Radar Pest Control has been working for years to eradicate and control pests. They have experienced members ready to eradicate annoying pests, control their growth, and prevent harmful pests from developing. You can be comfortable carrying out your activities, both at home and at work. And, you can also ensure that your environment is always kept clean and away from disease.