Types of Security Screen Doors

There are many different kinds of security screen doors, all designed with a distinct security feature. In order to get the right type of door, you need to understand what makes each one unique. Of course, if you already know what kind of door you’re looking for, choosing will be much easier. Here are a few of the most common types of security doors near me, their features, and the types of materials that they’re made of:

Sliding security screen doors are the most popular type, allowing you easy access between the interior and exterior areas of your home or business. These products are usually manufactured using an aluminum frame, making them very lightweight. The sliding door features a smooth sliding motion that guarantees easy opening and closing. Some of these doors are available in different sizes, giving you the option of getting one that fits your particular space perfectly. These prices range widely, starting at around $50 for small sliding doors, or covering a price tag of thousands of dollars for custom made, oversized sliding screen doors.

Fiberglass is another common type of material used to manufacture security screen doors. These are also very lightweight, making them ideal to carry up as window displays or as decorative home accents. Many fiberglass security screen doors can be opened without opening the frame, making them a practical choice for those who wish to keep the appearance of the original door. Prices for fiberglass-made products can vary greatly, starting at around a hundred dollars for simple panels, or covering a price tag of several thousand dollars for custom-designed panels that incorporate exotic materials and elaborate locks.