Top Facts You Need to Know about Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Do you know the vital role of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine in landroverbar?

We cannot neglect the fact that washing and cleaning is not an easy task for everyone on board. When it comes to a clean job, you will want something more effective and efficient so that you can save your labor and energy for your sailing activities.

When you look for such an effective cleaning tool, there is nothing that can beat the ultrasonic cleaning machine. It is a powerful device which cleans items by using the ultrasound and water or cleaning solution. There are tons of units sold in the market. They are not created equal, however. But they are all the same. They can help you to clean with ease.

Here are quick facts you need to know about ultrasonic cleaning machines for your boat.

The materials of unit are prevalent

There are different units on the market. But the best units are made of aluminium or stainless steel. These materials are chosen for constructing the best ultrasonic cleaning machines.

The frequency of the machine

The common frequency of the ultrasonic waves is thousands of cycles of seconds. The high frequencies from the machine produce the small bubbles which in turn will help you clean the dirt. Meanwhile, low frequency produces larger bubbles.

In practices, you will want to use the lower frequency for hard, strong, and durable items. Meanwhile, if you want to clean some sensitive or smaller items, you could use the higher frequencies.

The power of your ultrasonic cleaner

Depending on the models you choose, the power can be from 50
watts to 100 watts per gallon.

When the power increases, the cleaning action will become faster. But each machine has its own power limit. So, you will want to consider this fact before proceeding.

Do you need the big one?

The ultrasonic cleaning units come in different categories.

The industrial heavy duty type is the heavier unit which comes with high wattage per transducers. It is not anything like the common cleaner models in the market because it is constructed in such a way to provide enough power for more massive use. The generator of this unit is usually separated from the tank.

There is a portable ultrasonic cleaner which often comes with a more compact size. While it produces lower wattage, it is a great choice for sailors like you.

Besides the mid-sized portable ultrasonic cleaner, there is also the ultrasonic cleaner with a small toy-like size. The portability and compactness of this type is for smaller items and parts in your boat.

But if you want to have only one cleaner on the boat, you could pick the mid-sized models.

The cleaning time

Different models of the ultrasonic cleaning machine can provide different cleaning time. Not all items can get cleaned at a faster rate.

The lower cycle time machine usually requires the user supervision while operating. If you tend to multi-task, then you could pick the machine with a longer time cycle since it does not require intense supervision.

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