Tools for web scraping

Web scraping is a method that is used to extract data from sites. It is also known as Web Harvesting.

This extracted data is saved either in local file to the PC or to the database. It is the process in which data is collected mechanically for the web. They are also known as web scrapping tools or web data extraction tools or even tools for web scraping. These tools are helpful for any person trying to get some form of data from the online world. Web scraping is the latest data entry method that do not need repetitive typing or copy-pasting.

These programs look for new data automatically or manually, fetching the new or improved data and storing them for your simple access. provides builder to form your own datasets by just importing the data from a particular website page and exporting the data to CSV. You can simply scrape 1000s of site pages in minutes without writing a one line of code and built one-thousand APIs based on your needs.

Along with the web tool, it also provides a free apps for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux to build data extractors and crawlers, download data.


Scrapinghub is  a cloud-based data extraction tool that helps 1000s of developers to fetch precious data. Scrapinghub uses Crawlera, a smart proxy rotator that helps bypassing bot counter-measures to crawl page or bot-protected websites easily.

Scrapinghub changes the full site page into organized content. Its team of professionals are accessible for help in case its crawl builder cannot job your requirements.


80legs is a strong yet flexible website crawling tool that can be configured to your needs. It supports fetching big amounts of data along with the choice to download the extracted data fast. The web scrapper claims to crawl 600,000 domains and is used by huge players like PayPal and MailChip.

It provides a free plan for 10k URLs per crawl and can be upgraded to into intro plan $29 per month for 100K URL per crawl.


Scrapper is a chrome extension with restricted data extraction specs but it is helpful for making internet research, and exporting data to Google spreadsheets. This tool is intended for starters as well as experts who can simply copy data to the clipboard or store to the board using OAuth.

Scrapper is a free tool, which works right in your browser and auto-producers little XPaths for defining URLs to crawl.