Tips For Getting an Acting Career Off the Ground

An actor or actress is someone who portrays a fictional character in an acting performance. The actor plays “in the flesh”, in traditional medium of the stage or on television, or in more modern media like film, television, radio, and video. The most analogous Greek word is ἵν, literally “not” and used in place of a verb in a predicative tense. For example, my friend Michael Caine’s character John Paul Jones II in “A Man For All Seasons” is not a man for all seasons, but it could be considered a man for all seasons because he plays the role of a protagonist in that play.

Julian Brand

For those aspiring actors who have not yet had a real acting career, or have only had one or two small roles in relatively large theater shows, the Internet can provide a rich pool of resources for casting opportunities. My local Los Angeles newspaper, the Hollywood Chamber Symphony, runs a comprehensive website, Hollywood Background, that is worth perusal. Another excellent site for actors and actresses looking to hire or contact casting directors is Los Angeles Acting. On this website you will find an actor directory, actor database, free phone advice, free email newsletter, actor web site, actor blog, and actor profiles.

These websites are a valuable asset for any person just starting out in their acting career. They can give valuable advice for finding your first small or large theater role, or they can direct you to a casting director to whom you may submit your resume for consideration. For the actors most interested in working in television, you may want to consider attending auditions hosted by various networks and/or production studios. For example, the Networks have opened up a series of auditions across the country, while the production companies have been holding casting calls for years at their various studios.