The Basics of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is usually done to remove dirt, stains, and other allergens from rugs. There are many methods for carpet cleaning; however, common methods include dry-clean, hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and carpet shampooing. Dry cleaning involves using a machine that dries the carpet by using heat and/or detergents. Hot water extraction uses hot water in a vacuum pump to extract dirt from the carpet. Dry cleaning involves using a machine that spins at high speeds, which removes most of the soil from the carpet.

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Vacuum extraction machines are more commonly used in carpet cleaning, as they can extract a greater amount of soil and moisture. Steam cleaning machines are used to remove debris from the carpet, as well as remove moisture. Carpet shampooing involves spraying a cleaning solution into the carpets, which attracts dirt and bacteria. The resulting dirt and stain removal from the carpet will leave your floors looking clean and looking spic and span.

If you have pets or smokers in your home, you should regularly perform vacuuming on a regular basis, as this can attract more dirt and germs. If you have children, you should teach them good habits about keeping their rooms clean by using a steam cleaner. By using carpet cleaning products, you can keep your carpets free of any nasty marks or stains. However, if you do have any spills, use a detergent and a hot water extraction machine to get them cleaned up. You can also use a mild carpet deodorizer on your carpets to repel dirt and unpleasant odors.