Learning the Ninja’s Shuriken Styles

In the world of ninjutsu, there are two basic types of weapons that you can learn to make in your study: shuriken and kunai. The shuriken is a small sword or dagger that is very effective at damaging enemies and giving you an edge over other fighters. In terms of the ninja, the shuriken style of weaponry is used mainly for stealth attacks and as distraction to keep the enemy team occupied while the ninja can strike at an advantageous angle. Basically, the shuriken is used to cut down weaker opponents or to allow one to surprise his opponents with counter strikes. This is the reason why most shinobi do not use the shuriken when fighting other ninjas, since using a shuriken makes the opponent feel weak and vulnerable, allowing the ninja to strike successfully.

If you are looking to learn the shuriken styles, one of the simplest weapons to master is the umi shing, a bamboo sword that has a metal tip on the end. This weapon is ideal for close range combat as it has a heavy cutting force, and is perfect for the individual who has a natural talent in performing close range attacks. The umi shing is a traditional weapon that is commonly used in many ninja attack sequences, and is considered by many experts to be one of the best weapons available to ninjas. If you want to learn the shuriken styles from an expert, then a great choice would be the umi shing.

Some other shuriken styles that are used by the ninja include the katana, which is a longer weapon that is mainly used for hand to hand combat. There is also the bo staff, which is a staff that has a long handle, perfect for when the situation calls for the wielder to reach for extra distance. Another weapon that is often seen in ninja action is the naginata, which is a short staff that is primarily used as a knife. These and other weapons can be found in the various ninja weapons found in the various shuriken styles.