What to Do Before Joining with Survival Minecraft Servers for Your Kids

Minecraft is definitely one of the best games in the world. It has huge communities across the globe. And for that reason, even kids are also fond of the game. But as a parent, you might have your own concern when your kids are playing on particular servers. Not all minecraft servers are good for your kids.

survival minecraft servers

When it comes to the survival minecraft servers for your kids, for instance, the last thing you want is that they are competing with toxic people. As we know, a toxic environment is not a good influence for our kids. Allowing your kids to join with a particular server might be daunting, especially if they are participating in survival mode. The world is rough out there. But here are the things you can do as their beloved parents.
Have your kids covered the basics?

First things first, you will want to check if your kids have mastered all of the basics. The basic variables include the game mechanics, reading, typing, Minecraft game, and security basics.
It is also a great idea to let your beloved ones play on their own before joining the particular survival minecraft servers. Let them get used with the mechanics and gameplay. As we know, the survival mode is not for beginners. It has been challenging enough for adult players, left alone with the kids.

Find the best server

As I mentioned before, the available servers are not equally created. You will want to stick to the server which is safe and user-friendly for your kids. The keyword of survival minecraft servers for your kids is “whitelist” and “moderated”. focus on the survival minecraft servers which are white listed and moderated. Most of these servers are safe and secure for your kids. But more importantly, your kids will be away from the toxic environment.
It is also a great idea to focus on the servers which come with the kid-friendly policies. Look for the policies which are related to private information sharing, hateful comments, abusive language, and so on.

Read the Tos and rules together with your kids and give them the understanding about the information.

The white listed players and servers

The servers that come with whitelisting action will carefully screen the players that join with the site. On the whitelisted server players, these sites come with the form that your kids need to fulfill. After submitting the form, the moderator will approve your kids account and they can start playing. This process also applies to other players. In these whitelisted servers, you can rest assured that your kids will meet with good peers.

Moderated servers

The survival minecraft servers without moderation is a mess. The safe moderated servers, on the other side, can be beneficial for your kids. The moderated servers are operated by responsible people who keep monitoring all of the activities all the time. They have a report feature wherein your kids can report someone who is abusive to them. They can also help the beginners or struggling players to get used with the environment.

Last tip

Accompany your kids in their early games. If you have experience in the survival mode, you could also give them advice and tips. But there will be times that you need to leave your kids alone. GLHF.