House Cleaning Services

House cleaning services are not limited to cleaning homes but also extend to cleaning commercial establishments and other similar premises. Maid service, housekeeping service, apartment cleaning, and commercial janitorial service among other terms are newer terms describing a specialized external service providing a particular service to persons, companies, fraternities and other organizations as well as residential premise. They usually come under the categories of maid service or housekeeping service.

The scope of house cleaning services varies from person to person and organization to organization. For instance if you run a hospital, it would entail cleaning certain areas on a bi-weekly basis, while in other instances it may include doing the cleaning tasks in an irregularity of two to three times a week. They are usually hired through a contract. The contract contains all the terms and conditions between the parties such as the frequency of the hiring, the cost of the hiring, the number of cleaning tasks and other important aspects such as the contract period. The contract is reviewed periodically to ensure that the services of the housekeeping service provider is kept up to date.

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Housekeeping service may include performing the task of dusting and vacuuming the rooms, washing hands, cutting the grass, mopping the floors, maintaining the bathroom and changing the linens. Cleaning of bathrooms is considered to be one of the main tasks of the house cleaning services as they assist in making the patient feel comfortable. In addition to this the professionals involved in this profession, change the linens, change the towels, change the bedding and clean the bathrooms. They also provide other services such as giving a fresh appearance to beds and other accessories, painting rooms and changing shower curtains.