Information about Private Jet Costs and Aircraft Fractional Ownership and Charter Jet

Private jets are truly amazing to travel on, trust me… however, the cost involved in purchasing one can be very expensive. In terms of the cost for private jets according to the size, model, and make If you decide to purchase one for sale you could be looking at between 5 to the 65-million dollar mark. This isn’t too bad when you have the money to pay for it. Although having a private jet may seem like the most convenient method of access to private jets however, it could also be the most costly. By expensive, I’m not only talking about the cost of money here. Let me clarify…

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As the sole owner the owner is completely responsible for the initial purchase price, as well as licensing and registration fees. hangar fees, airport charges pilot hire regulations, flight log data including fuel costs, maintenance, fuel expenditure logs and so up (and on) Be aware that many of these expenses are a continual cost that is quite a amount even if your plane does not leave the hangar. A private jet may be your dream however if you’re a little nervous about taking on the massive private jet price to enjoy a little bit more luxury, then it might be quite difficult to pay the first payment. If you’ve come across private jets available for auction and bought one for a mere couple of million, the current cost of a private jet is exactly the same and definitely without discount.

However, with private jets the prices for sale can differ significantly. One of the factors to take into consideration when purchasing private jets is the issue of flying distance and size and size, which could affect the significantly for private jets. If, for instance, you choose to buy an aircraft that is light, like one like a Learjet for instance that costs around $5 million or more to purchase, the aircraft will hold anywhere from six to eight passengers, and has 1500 miles of flying range without fueling. It’s important to understand the specific area your requirements are in you to choose the type and model that’s right for you. Take a few flights to feel of each type. Medium jets are more appealing than light jetslike the Hawker 800, for example.

A fractional ownership aircraft of private aircraft, sharing it with a single co-investor allows for greater flexibility in travel with a fraction of the cost of single ownership, however, experts in aviation advise that all aviation partnerships will eventually end in a sour note. This issue can be aggravated by more owners who hold shares of the aircraft. The fractional ownership of aircrafts can begin at 1/16 of one share (that’s 16 owners of one plane) that could range from around $400,000 for, say the Hawker for example. This typically allows for around 50 hours of flight time. That’s roughly $8,000.00 for an hour’s flight. If you take an hourly cost of flight basis. That isn’t much less than charter jet services even. However, aircraft fractional ownership isn’t easy. whyis that? Have you ever been through the difficulties of sharing the cost of a condo? Yeah, that’s why.

You could also be a 1/16 shareholder however, shareholders with 1-1/4″ shares are the ones whose needs are first met in the first place. If they don’t use it, can you. There’s a certain “pecking order” to deal with. Which way up the totem pole would you be? After all that stated, fractional ownership can be a good value and is ideal for businesses or individuals who travel around 100-150 hours of occupied time per calendar year, or even more. Naturally, taking a few flights with a charter company to see which model will work best for you will provide you with the benefits prior to deciding on a purchase regardless of whether it’s an all-inclusive or a fractional purchase that you’re committing to.

Perhaps the most significant issue is that you may believe that sole ownership of aircraft, or even fractional ownership could be more affordable (at most, at the initial cost of purchase) than charter jet services but the truth is that even the case that you own an aircraft either in whole or in part and in part, you’ll have to use the charter jet service several times over the top of that. Why is this? It is quite common for your jet isn’t available. It might be in maintenance or may be employed by a different (perhaps “higher”) shareholder and it could be the result of any of of reasons, and more (and possibly the most damagingly) you might find that it does not be suited to your particular requirements at the time. What exactly do I mean?

Okay, let’s suppose you have an aircraft that is light, but you’re required to carry 12 passengers . Are you planning to take two flights? This is odd to say the least. There are many reasons why, regardless of whether you pay millions for a private jet or a few hundred thousand on 1/16 (and just 50 hours of) the cost of a private jet however, you will spend more money on charter jets as well as on many occasions. Why should you increase the cost of your flight?

In lieu of the stress with all the maintenance and downtime with the numerous rules and costs, as well as the sporadic inability to access aircraft ownership or fractional ownership with chartering added on top of that the idea makes more sense to depend solely on jet charters. This is particularly true for someone who is flying at a lower than 140 hours a year, or even businesses who require more time on the air. In the end, in truth the whole thing is being regarded as business expenses when all is completed.

In the end, chartering is the least amount of work, less stress and fewer restrictions – the latter being the most important one. There are no restrictions, which is the goal of the entire private jet experience to begin with, isn’t it? If your private jet is chartered you have the option of choosing from a range of sizes, models and styles and can reserve a flight whenever you want, even within just a few hours and connect to more than five thousand airports instead of less than 500 airports operated by commercial airlines.

Private jet charter allows you to fly in peace and safety, avoiding delays at airports that require you to take off shoes, unpack laptops, computers and other personal belongings. If you choose to use jet chartering, you’re capable of flying the exact aircraft that you’d like to fly. For instance, if you just want to fly on your own or with 5-7 people, during a 2-hour journey… using charter services an turboprop or a light jet will cost you much lower for just one flight than the Hawker 800 that you could own or even a 1/4 of one.

Do you get what I’m saying? It’s just more logical and is a lot easier to manage. In addition, you pay only for one plane , the one you require in the present and any kind or model you want. In the end, you’ll are able to use the entire fleet (a extremely prestigious idea in my opinion) which is always available and you’re not required to share them with anyone other than those you’d like to bring to your next trip.

Myself, I’m a shrewd entrepreneur I don’t want be forced to negotiate, or wait for additional shareholders’ permission(s) to fly my damned plane. I want it all and I want it right now. I would like an Learjet today, and the Hawker next week. I’d like to have free food as well as my in-flight spa. I’d like to have 100% access at any time I want it and that’s always right today. Take a look… aren’t this what private jets is all about? If not, then what do we really spend our money on?