Shower Resealing

Epoxy shower flooring tile and liner repair and reselling services are highly recommended and employed by builders, insurers and inspectors. The reason being that the epoxy shower flooring option is a lot faster and economical than the traditional tile and mortar option. Furthermore, the only downside to using an epoxy shower floor tile and liner is that they are not without their drawbacks. This includes the fact that they are very difficult to install, but can be done quickly if you have the correct tools.

In order to prevent leaks, it is recommended that shower resealing be carried out at least annually or as required by local building codes. A simple test to identify potential leaks is the use of a wet/dry scale, where a sample of water will float on a dry surface, thus lending the false sense of a leak. An easy way to identify potential leaks in tiles is using a shower leak detection device. These devices can be purchased from most home improvement stores, as well as from plumbing suppliers and hardware stores.

shower resealing

If there is a suspected leak in the walls or flooring, it is recommended that immediate action be taken to repair the problem. Many homeowners make the mistake of thinking that repairing a shower flooring tile or liner themselves will resolve any problems, and this is not true. Many times these leaking showers will be due to poor installation practices, including poor waterproofing and tile set-up. It is recommended that if a homeowner chooses to do their own tile or floor replacement that they seek the advice of a professional plumber or bathroom specialist to ensure there are no complications later down the line. It is also suggested that a homeowner carry out routine maintenance checks on their drains, sump pumps and other drains in their home on a regular basis to identify potential problems early and remedy the situation, as avoiding costly repairs in the future.