Recreational Vehicle – What Is It?

A recreational vehicle, also known as RV, is simply a vehicle that contains living quarters housed in a mobile-home-like structure designed for temporary shelter. Basic types of RVs consist of motorhomes, travel trailers, coach trailers, campervans, fifth-row trailers, and van campers. In addition, you can find campers that are designed to be towed by vehicles such as cars and trucks. You can even rent RVs from the local mall!

The base of any recreational vehicle consists of a cab with a frame on four wheels, with a chassis on a truck or an SUV type vehicle. Camping trailer rentals usually consist of two to four bays that are connected by a trail or a towbar. Most camper trailers have sleeping compartments with or without doors, a bathroom, a kitchen, a dining area, shelves and storage space, and a galley that will seat four people comfortably. Some camper trailers have side windows that offer a view of the nature around, while others have tinted windows so that other drivers can clearly see the campers and the equipment they are hauling.

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When choosing a recreational vehicle, you want to choose a model that will fit your needs and traveling habits. For instance, an R-Pod motor home will be able to accommodate up to eight people comfortably, but an open top RV, or an RV tent, will be a better choice if you plan on traveling with your family or going on long trips. When you look at the various makes and models of RVs, check out how many people the motor home will safely hold, and make sure to consider the weight and size of any additional equipment that you will need to carry along. Finally, check out the quality of the manufacturer to make sure you receive a good quality RV product.