Recalls of Takata Airbag continues, with millions of vehicles

Recalls of Takata Airbag continues, with millions of vehicles affected by the issue. To determine if your car is affected, visit the website of NHTSA and enter your vehicle’s identification number. If your car is affected by a recall or recalled, you must call the manufacturer to request an airbag replacement, or determine whether it’s worth replacing whole airbag. While you wait, go to the website of NHTSA to learn what your next step needs to be.

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The company has acknowledged that it was aware of the issues in its airbags, yet kept supplying millions of them. It’s not clear what was causing the airbags to fail in such a large number of instances however it’s not surprising that the manufacturer was unable to guarantee replacement parts. Takata has stated that it is trying to increase production to one million units per month, but it has been slow in revealing the full extent of issues. But, the company will not offer repair parts in the event that the problem resulted from its own fault.

Another reason that could be the cause of Takata airbags need to be recalls is because the chemical compound used to make the airbags isn’t stable. Ammonium, the chemical compound Nitrite, is extremely unstable, which causes airbags to break during warmer temperatures. This is particularly true in humid areas, like Florida. The recall was the result of a court ruling by the U.S. government. Takata has accepted that its rivals make the replacement parts along with it. But this won’t aid motorists who aren’t aware of the issue.

The company has announced that Toyota is preparing to install airbag inflators with non-Takata technology in certain automobiles. A representative for Toyota declares that the recall will be implemented one year earlier than planned due to the fact that the company has replacement components. Mazda’s airbag recall is set to be extended, too as the firm has committed to offer a no-hassle replacement for Takata airbags. If you’re the owner of an Takata airbag and believe that your vehicle may be affected, you should contact the car’s manufacturer right away.

In July 2013, Takata has issued recalls for 42 million vehicles due the issue with the airbag inflation valves. This recall applies to the sedan and hybrid models from Honda’s Honda Civic and Honda Platinum Rui. Honda has also increased production of airbags that are replacement. The recall will be in place until an investigation of a large scale is completed. Takata is accused of concealing details and defusing documents from scrutiny in spite of the fact that Takata was the only company that recalled their airbags.

In an announcement in a press release, Takata, the manufacturer of Takata airbag announced that over 34 million vehicles have been recalled. This means there’s more possibility that the Takata airbag could result in crashes. Along with recalling cars, Takata also announced that it would begin recalling the airbags for the driver’s side in the between 2001 and 2007 Honda Civic. The recall will also affect certain Ford Range models and Mazda B-Series trucks.