Professional Advice on Exterminating Rodents and Pests

The objective of termite control is to reduce the population of termites over a period of time. General termite control treatment may be done either as annual treatment or as one-off periodic treatments. One-off treatments may be considered ideal for those who have established themselves as large-scale pest problem area. Regular periodic treatments, however, may prove more effective where routine monitoring and periodic treatments are done on the premises to monitor the occurrence of new pests. It is recommended that periodic pest inspection should also be done to ensure that pest infestation has been completely eradicated.


A wide variety of pests infest buildings. Commonly known as ‘Rodents’ are small animals that can be found in nests made by these insects. Common pests found in U.S. buildings are mice, ants, roaches, and rats. These rodents can create dangerous health hazards because of their sharp claws, sharp teeth, and poison. A few of these rodents are so small they can easily hide inside the smallest crevice. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) estimates that nearly 25 percent of all the buildings in the United States are infested by rodents.

There are two types of pest extermination methods used by professional exterminators. One uses chemicals and the other uses traps. Most exterminators use both techniques to get rid of pests and rodents.

In using chemicals, the termite or rodent is first exposed to the poisons. If the insect rejects the poison, it will not eat the bait. The insects’ body will absorb the poison after ingesting the bait. Since the insect is still in the building, the poisons are ultimately inhaled. Inhalation of insecticides can cause nausea, vomiting, or dizziness, depending on the chemical that was used.

Professional pest control companies utilize a different type of treatment method for their clients’ homes. These companies employ the use of non-toxic pesticides known as baits. Baits are placed within the property, along pathways, or around structures to discourage rodents and insects from entering. When rats or mice enter an infested property, they are repelled with the aid of baits.

For best results, it is recommended to contact pest management professionals. These exterminators have the knowledge and expertise in containing and eliminating unwanted creatures. Other DIY methods may be more successful in capturing the pests, but professional pest management companies are equipped with special techniques that ensure complete extermination. They also offer advice on controlling rodents and insects during future occurrences. These professionals have the tools, knowledge, and expertise required to help keep your home free from unwanted creatures.