Picking the Right Style for Your Color Changing Swimsuit

Choosing a swimsuit is one of the problems that often arises for women. Not only everyday clothes, women also want to look beautiful and feel comfortable when wearing a swimsuit. That is why there are many models of women’s swimsuits and colors, because its function is not only for swimming but also as aesthetics. The aesthetics of color changing swim trunks become even more important when women begin to wear their swimsuits and upload them to Instagram as an outfit of the day. New women’s swimsuits are arguably high aesthetics when able to beautify women’s curves. So make sure you know how to choose the best swimsuit for your body shape color changing swim trunks.

For women with relatively broad shoulders, waist and chest, while the thighs, legs, pelvis tend to be small is called having an apple body shape. Swimsuit that is suitable for women with an apple body shape is a V-neck model. This swimsuit model can produce illusions in the upper body so that the body lines look more level.

For women with chest, shoulder, waist tend to be small, while the thighs and buttocks tend to be large, called pear body shape. The recommended bathing suit for women with a pear body shape is a swimsuit with a skirt to disguise the lower part of the body which tends to be large. So that the covered body does not attract attention, you should avoid using swimsuits with thick strappy lower parts.

For women with straight waist and shoulder lines, it is said to have a square body shape. A suggested swimsuit for women with a square body shape is a patterned color changing swim trunks like a color changing bathing suit. To be more attractive, you can choose a line or flower pattern so that the body shape looks more complicated and attractive.

For women with the upper, lower body large and slender in the middle, with the characteristics of the chest and hips wider than the waist is called having an hourglass body shape. And almost all women crave an hourglass body shape. Because the owner of an hourglass body tends to have a small and slender waist, they can use any model of swimsuit because their body shape is ideal.
Are you one of those women who have a large stomach or tend to be distended? You can choose a swimsuit with a wrinkled model at the waist to cover this deficiency. Swimsuit with a two piece bikini model that has a high waist lower part model can also be used to disguise a large belly.

In addition to choosing according to body shape, you also need to choose a swimsuit that is comfortable to use. Not too tight and not too loose so as not to interfere with movement when swimming. Swimsuits with nylon and lycra are lighter and more elastic to use. For those of you who have allergies to certain fabrics, you should use a closed swimsuit. Wow, it’s so complicated to be a woman. Choosing swimming trunks for men is much easier, you can choose the color changing swim trunks that are trending right now.