Payroll Tips for Small Business Owners

Payroll is one of the most important and complex elements of operating a business. Many business owners do not fully understand all the laws and regulations that must be followed and there are often mistakes made when preparing and submitting payroll reports. However, there are many payroll companies that can handle your payroll details with great professionalism and efficiency. Here are 7 professional employee payroll tips for business owners:

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o Establish a predictable, consistent work schedule. It is important that payroll reports be prepared on the same day every week. If this cannot be done, employees should know exactly what days they are due to return to work. Establish a normal, reliable work schedule for employees so that there are no surprise issues with tax season.

o Establish a predictable, consistent employment model. Some businesses have their own payroll data entry system while others still use an outside service. However, a professional payroll company uses a single system so that all employees’ data entry information is uniform throughout the business.

o Create a paperless payroll process. Some small businesses are reluctant to streamline their cash registers to eliminate paper, which results in more opportunities for errors. Other small businesses may not have the technology to prepare their employees’ checks quickly or easily online. A professional payroll service will have the necessary technology so that all wages and hours are posted quickly online or in paper format. This allows the employee to check their wages online in real time, rather than trying to remember when they last checked in.

o Educate employees about income tax. Many small business owners assume that their employees already know how income tax laws work. But often, these owners are wrong. It is important for employees to know the basics of tax laws so that they know what they are responsible to pay (or don’t pay) and can avoid getting into trouble with the Internal Revenue Service.

Payroll services are a great way for business owners to streamline their cash flow and reduce costs associated with collecting and filing federal, state and local income tax bills. When the tax season arrives, most small business owners find out just how much money they need to set aside for taxes. They then make decisions about where to cut corners and how to increase wages to reduce the tax burden. With these tips, business owners can ensure that they have enough money to cover the upcoming tax season and still have a cash flow that meets their goals.