Pay attention to the following matters before you build the basement

You may find it hard to add new space because of the limited land available. Don’t need to worry. You can create additional space in your home without the need to mine land. By making a basement under the house, you can get more space. However, to build it, you cannot just do development. Even though it has many functions, there are still things you must consider before constructing a basement. Please consider the following points!

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1. The proportionate line

Pay attention to the position of the proportionate line. Don’t let your basement position interfere with what’s in the ground, such as water pipes or the electric telephone network. If you do the construction carelessly without considering the location of the plumbing or cable network that exists underground, it could be that the process can be problematic. You can also go to the trouble of repairing damaged plumbing and electrical lines.

2. Building materials

The walls in the basement must have a sturdy and thick design because they function as a buffer for loads of soil and water pressure. Therefore, you should use sheet piles made of steel or concrete with a thickness of 15-17 cm, or depending on the position and soil conditions. Thick and sturdy walls are vital because the room under the ground will receive a lot of pressure, either from the underground, water, or the buildings above it.

3. Humidity

Humidity is one of the most common problems you face when building a basement. Before you decide to paint the basement walls, don’t forget to use waterproof wall paint or use a waterproofing wall layer. Most basements have moisture problems, which is natural because of its location buried in the ground. Also, avoid using wallpaper as it will cause mold to grow on the walls.

4. Air circulation

Make sure your basement has good air circulation. The proper and correct air circulation can make the basement avoid high humidity. One common way is to make a small window on the side of the wall, install an air duct, or install an exhaust fan.

5. Costs

One of the crucial points before building a basement is the cost you have to pay. You must take into account the costs you will need to construct your basement to completion. Do not let your construction stop halfway because it runs out of money.

We recommend that you build a water-resistant basement to prevent leakage when it rains or if there is a leak in the underground pipe. Making your basement waterproof is not easy, but you need to do it. In Toronto, you don’t need to be confused if you want to build a waterproof basement. You can hire a construction service to do this. From site planning, room design, materials, and costs, they will be happy to do it for you. You can look up Toronto basement waterproofing information and choose the one you think will do the best job. Building a basement is not as easy as constructing a house that is above the ground. So, you will need experts to be able to make a waterproof basement in your home.