Made to Measure Curtains by Experts

Why Made to measure?

A Made to measure curtains is more expensive than the usual curtains in the market. Made To Measure curtains are made by experts and each curtain is made carefully, following the wishes of consumers. Instead of buying several fabrics to make curtains in various sizes, made to measure using several fabric sizes according to the curtain style desired by the customer. Price determines quality, you must have often heard this term. Even though the price you have to pay if using made to measure is more expensive, you will get a high-quality item that can last for years. Pinch with holes, double pinch pleat, triple pinch pleat, there are some certain styles that you can find in Made to Measure. Usually the pleated variations of the curtains are not as common as we know in ready-made curtains because the curtains are made based on the customer’s wishes. With a more complex design, the curtains produced also have a more unique appearance and can be integrated with the interior of the room because it was made specifically based on the interior design.

How to measure the curtain?

If you measure yourself, it would be better if you already have a track curtain or curtain poles. Measure the entire length of the curtain track, while for the curtain pole just measure the length of the pole. If you want the curtain has a natural fold when closed, you must double the measurement. Repeat the metering twice to ensure that the measurements are accurate. Another way, you can order the curtain company to take measurements for you. You don’t need to worry even though your window has an unusual size, for example it is very large. Measuring experts will be sent to your home to take measurements correctly. Choose the method that you think is most convincing!

How to Choose the fabric?

Choosing the right curtain fabric is very important. The type of fabric you choose can affect lighting, noise, and how your curtain styles. The type of room also affects the type of fabric, for example thin/light fabric for the kitchen and thick fabrics (velvet, wool, etc.) for the bedroom because it can reduce noise. Thick fabric can also block out too bright light or incoming wind. You can also choose to use velvet fabric to produce the impression of luxury in the living room or living room .

How to order?

To place an order, you can directly contact made to measure curtains companies in your area of residence. All you have to do is wait for the experts to be sent to your home and take measurements and you can immediately choose the fabric and motif you want. Apart from being direct, you can also place an order online. There are many online sites made to measure curtains that you can find on the internet. You can immediately choose the material, motif, and size of the curtain you want. You can choose curtains poles and tracks there as well. After you finish ordering and payment, the order will be delivered directly to your address. Ordering online is indeed very practical, but you must ensure your order again before checking out.