Laptop vs Desktop Computer

A laptop or netbook is generally a miniature, portable computer with a “cheap” plastic-type casing, usually having an alphanumeric keyboard and a thin, light-weight LCD or LED monitor integrated into the front of the casing and/or the back of the casing. Usually, the laptop is opened up with a touchpad, which also acts as a remote control for the laptop. The netbook is useful for carrying along in a backpack or carried between meetings, for Internet use, for video conferencing, and for remote managing a desktop or laptop PC.

Netbooks are popular because they are light in weight and easy to carry; they are also highly mobile. Netbooks are usually touch-screen and wireless-capable laptops. They have less internal memory than laptops but are more spacious than desktops. Most laptop computers have four ports on the front including USB port, headphone jack, USB port and FireWire port.

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Other types of netbooks have only two ports and a mouse, such as the HP pavilion series. Notebooks are generally smaller and lighter than desktop computers. Notebooks have fewer ports compared to desktop computers and have fewer features than desktop computers. However, netbooks offer mobility, ease of use, portability, and great functionality for the cost. Netbooks are ideal for those who need to be mobile, for business users who want notebooks that are easy to access and for Internet users who need a lightweight yet powerful laptop.