Knowing What a Medical Detox is

Detoxification, tends to be associated with any sort of drug abuse. It seems like a simple concept – the idea being that a drug user would be healthier if they could not ingest or use certain chemicals and substances that may have gotten into their bodies in the way. There are several different types of detoxification methods. The first type is inpatient detoxification. This simply means that a patient has to stay in a rehabilitation facility for a certain amount of time to get clean, as well as undergoing several medical tests.

outpatient detoxification is another option. This type of detoxification is somewhat similar to inpatient treatment, except that an individual can go home to their own bed and their own apartment. This type of detoxification is more convenient for many people, especially if they have the money to cover the costs of inpatient treatment and their own rehabilitation. However, this type of detoxification also does have its drawbacks. One of these is that it is far less effective at clearing a drug user’s system of any harmful substance use than inpatient detoxification.

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There are other types of detoxification, such as the extended release or IVF, but these generally involve very serious complications and can even put a patient’s life in danger. The extended release method involves the use of IVF or IVR, which stands for In Vitro Fertilization and sperm injection. The medications used are actually meant to help keep a patient’s body from producing excessive quantities of the chemical alcohol found in most drugs, such as alcohol and heroin. If this occurs, it can cause a patient’s body to stop working properly and for the lack of a needed substance, become addicted to. This type of detox is very effective at clearing the body of any excess substances.