It is simple to get to Puerto Vallarta

How to get to Puerto Vallarta (Mexico)

There are many ways to travel around Puerto Vallarta, Mexico if you are planning a vacation. You can cruise to the islands and take a full-day tour of the city. Every week, hundreds of flights land in the city. You can also rent a car or take the bus if you prefer to travel on foot. However, you need to be aware of what to expect once you arrive.

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Puerto Vallarta is the best place to experience authentic Mexican culture. There are many traditional shops in the town, as well as plazas that feature big-name stores and independent traders. You can request that your purchases be delivered directly to your hotel for those who are more adventurous. The Huichol Indians are descendants of the Aztecs and can be visited in the mountains behind town.

Avoid paying more than you can afford by traveling to Puerto Vallarta in off-peak seasons. This time of year, prices are lower and the city is less crowded. Off-peak season is a great time to visit the city, with its lower prices and quieter atmosphere. This helpful guide from Mexperience will help you choose the right currency. WLAN is free and widely available in many towns and hotels if you are using cash.

You can also take local buses if you don’t wish to drive. There are many buses that go to different areas. Each stop is marked with the name of the neighborhood. A ride from one area to another usually costs less that fifty cents. Because it is so close to the United States, many Americans choose this destination. You can choose between great weather and amazing atmosphere.