Epoxy resin is the collection of various polymerized

Epoxy resin is the collection of various polymerized end products or simple ingredients of epoxy resin. Epoxy resin, also called polyurethane, is a category of synthetic polymerizers and resins that contain various epoxy groups. The epoxy resin functional group is also known as polyurethane. The IUPAC designation for a particular epoxy resin is a polyurethane. Some common resin materials included in epoxy resin products are polyurethane coatings, epoxy flooring products, polyurethane signs and labels, epoxy building materials and epoxy siding.

epoxy resin

Epoxy resin has various types of applications. It can be used for flooring, ceilings, decking, paneling, insulation, siding, moldings, dentil blocks and doors. Epoxy resin is used for many applications because of its ability to bond together with almost any materials and has very little effect on plastics or rubber. There are epoxy resin finishes that are highly desirable. These epoxy finishing techniques can provide a highly decorative and hard-wearing surface, while providing high resistance to weathering.

In addition, pure epoxy resin is mixed with other liquid resins to provide more defined products. One of these is polyester. Polyester-based resins are mostly used for exterior applications. Pure epoxy resins are usually available in two versions, aqueous and non-aqueous.