Entertainment News From Asia – Programs of Interest

Entertaining news and discussions from around the globe, Entertaining News is a leading home television news format that includes real-time news from all genres of media including television, radio and online/live streaming. The Entertaining News segment features in depth stories from around the world and is updated throughout the week to ensure that your favorite news stories are always current and relevant. It also strives to educate as well as entertain its audience by providing them with in depth reports, including interviews with experts, celebrities and other entertainers. In this way, Entertaining News aims to provide consumers with the most current and popular trends in entertainment, health, technology and more.

The main source of entertainment news is brought to you by a team of correspondents who report on the day’s events both in the major worldwide media and from their own studios and home studios in Indonesia and Malaysia. Entertaining News showcases some of the best Asian TV programs, featuring super hits and some of Asia’s most popular shows, such as; People of My Dreams, Hello Kitty!, Courage the Bold, Catastrophe, Takes Me Too, Afterschool Affair, Family Ties, The Block Party and others. It also features all-original, adult-oriented content in high def. It is aired in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia and USA. With Entertaining News, viewers can expect to see stories about: Chinese dissidents, Hollywood celebrities, travel trailers, fashion and beauty products, cooking demos, and many more.


Entertaining News programming is a joint venture of ABS-CBN and E! Network, and is hosted by freelance journalist Rachael Woods. The news format first began in Indonesia with a one-week run as the flagship program for news network All Indonesia TV before expanding across Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and USA. Now in over 20 countries, Entertaining News features a mixture of news fiction, factual series, humor, reality shows, cooking and talk shows, music videos, and movie reviews. In English, the news format is being broadcast in over 50 languages, including Mandarin, Korean, Tamil, and Indonesian.