Digital marketing is an aspect of direct marketing

Digital marketing is an aspect of direct marketing which uses digital and web-based technologies including desktop computers, cell phones and many other digital communication and networking platforms and technologies. This form of marketing has exploded over the last 5 years as companies have realized the incredible potential of reaching millions of potential customers by using the Internet and digital channels to expand their customer base. In fact, there are more digital marketing opportunities available than there are advertising dollars. The key however is to understand what digital marketing really means for your company, how it should be implemented and ultimately, why you should even consider it. Let’s take a moment to explore what digital marketing is and then ask the important questions:

Why digital marketing? Digital marketing allows your target audience to see, feel and use your brand at any time. Unlike conventional marketing methods, digital marketing enables you to reach your audience at the very heart of their lives-right where they use your products or connect with your brand. Traditional marketing methods tend to target only the most active consumers-that is, those who use your brand every day. By reaching this group, you are more likely to convert them into buyers or at least hold their attention for a longer period of time.

Can my company benefit from digital marketing? Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ have changed the way we connect with our friends, family and co-workers. With almost half of all Facebook and Twitter users posting comments and reviews, this new form of online social media marketing has significantly increased the reach of companies’ brands and thus the potential for profit. There are numerous social media platforms and companies online today that are making serious money due to the activities of their loyal customers and clients.