Costa Rican travel insurance is not required if you are fully vaccinated

What is the best time to travel to Costa Rica The cost of your trip can be affected by many factors. When temperatures are at their highest, December through April is the best time to visit. The wetter months July and August can also be a good time to visit. This season is less popular, so plan your trip accordingly. Here are some top tips for tourists visiting Costa Rica.

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Be mindful of the environment. Costa Rica is committed towards eco-tourism and environmentally-friendly travel. The country has 25 percent of its territory designated as a national park, so you can be close to the incredible wildlife. Costa Rica is a well-known tourist destination and is working to become carbon neutral by 2021. The country will not emit any carbon dioxide through its operations, such as carbon offsetting or carbon elimination, into the atmosphere.

Be light. It is important to bring lightweight, but sturdy clothes. A waterproof bag is essential if you plan to engage in water sports. It can also be used as a daypack. You should also pack lightweight hiking shoes that can withstand the heat. Comfortable, breathable shoes are essential for hiking on the many trails in the country.

Costa Rica is a great place to meet gay travelers. Although it has a large lesbian and gay community, it is smaller than other Central American countries. San Jose is the center of gay life. Every June, there is the Gay Pride Festival. Manuel Antonio has a growing gay scene. You’re sure to find somewhere to share your travel experiences, whether you’re looking for a relaxing vacation or a weekend full of socializing.

Canadians who travel to Costa Rica must have a valid passport. Your passport must be valid for at least one month after your departure date. You may be able to have a passport with a “X” as the gender identifier. However, you should always check with the consulate in your destination country to confirm that you are compliant with entry requirements. Tourist entry requirements and length of stay vary by country.

You can either purchase insurance through your agent or the INS website. Sagicor and BCBS offer daily flat rates that can be cheaper if you travel less than the INS rate. To obtain a health pass, make sure you have a valid certificate or vaccination card. You can save money by having your own insurance policy.

You should expect some unwelcome comments from locals if you are a solo woman traveling alone. While Costa Ricans are friendly and welcoming, they can make unwelcome comments to women walking on the streets. Although men may call women “my amor” and “guapa”, women should not respond in kind, stare, or hiss. Talk to your travel agent if you are unsure.