Choosing the Right Type of Garage Door

You can find a wide variety of styles and materials for your garage door, from the more traditional carriage-style door to the sleek, contemporary doors. No matter what style you choose, the garage door should complement the rest of the home’s design. This article will give you some tips on choosing the right type of garage door for your home. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can make a purchase. Whether you’re replacing an old or broken one, you’ll have no trouble finding a new one.

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The most common type of garage door is the sectional model, which consists of panel sections connected with hinges. These doors roll open and close over a track, and are often installed on curved walls. To operate a sectional, the springs are attached to cables and run inside the vertical track. Because the door is hinged, it can bend over a curved portion of the track. The sectional design has two advantages: it is lightweight and easy to install, and it can be adjusted easily to fit different sized doors.

If you have an older garage, a torsion spring counterbalance system may be the best option. This type of system uses a steel shaft with cable drums on both ends. The extension springs are a good choice if your door is higher than nine feet. The counterbalance cables are very easy to install, and you don’t need to know anything about garage doors to install one. It’s a simple process, and a DIY approach can be the best way to keep your garage door in top condition.

The extension spring counterbalance system is another option. This system consists of two or three springs positioned parallel to the horizontal tracks and lifts the garage door. It has two ends that contract as the door is raised and then contracts as the door is lowered. It also has a center bearing plate and three supports. The steel wire has a stationary cone on one end and a winding cone on the other end. Typically, this type has four colored set screws to secure the springs to the shaft.

Despite its name, this type of garage door isn’t the most durable. Rather, it’s a simple design that can be installed in a matter of minutes. Unlike some types of doors, however, this type of door is very difficult to replace if it’s damaged, so it’s recommended that you shop around and compare prices. You’ll be glad you did. The garage will be safe again after a long winter.

Modern garage doors are made from a variety of materials. The most common, and most durable, are made of steel. The panels of these doors are typically made of 24 ga. steel, which is considered the most sturdy material. These doors are also designed with rust-resistant paint that’s rated for up to 14,000 pounds. Regardless of what type of door you have, you’ll be satisfied with the finished product. And don’t worry, it’s possible to choose the right material to match the style of your home.