Characteristics of Servant Leadership

There are characteristics of servant leadership that can be learned. Servant leadership is simply a method of leading by example to your followers. It entails setting high moral standards and demonstrating what can be accomplished. A good servant is also an example of servant leadership. You do not have to have a great deal of credentials to lead a group of people. You only need to be motivated, humble and willing to learn.

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The characteristics of a servant leader must be someone who is trustworthy, responsible, and does good things for his followers or employees. This person needs to treat employees well. The employee should be treated with respect and the work done should be appreciated. This includes constructive criticisms as well as praise. The employee also needs to understand that their opinion is important to the company and that they are important in the success of the company.

The final characteristics to look for are empathy and a high level of concern for the well-being of the group or employees. If you can relate to the feelings and problems of the people you are leading then you have a high level of empathy. Empathy allows you to show your appreciation for other people’s achievements and also gives you a positive attitude. When you have a high level of compassion you become a good servant leader.