Chakra Healing – Uses Crystals For Balance

Chakras are energy centers at the base of the spinal column. They serve as pathways or channels for various energy flows to flow through the human body. By balancing these energy channels, you can balance your physical, emotional and spiritual energies so that you can get on track with achieving your life’s purpose. If you are striving towards something in life, it is quite likely that you have either been affected by a health problem that has originated due to one or more chakras. Chakra Healing can be used as a tool to assist you in recovering from an illness or injury as well as promoting overall wellness.

Chakra healing can be achieved by focusing on any one chakra at a time. You can do this in a simple meditation by drawing a slow circular pattern on your abdomen with your finger tips. Focus on each chakra as you breathe in and slowly release it from your body while you inhale. You can also use a sound healing method such as tuning into a white noise machine, or some other serene sound. By meditating and focusing on your chakras at this level, you will achieve an overall balance in your body. However, if you wish to heal and balance every single chakra, then it is best to learn and master the art of chakra meditation.

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There are many crystals that can be used for chakra healing. Though most crystals will not benefit everyone with the same degree of effectiveness, there are some that have been proven effective in helping to balance the energy field between the different chakras. Some of these crystals include quartz, mokara, onyx, basalt, citrine, and selenite. When using crystals for chakra healing, it is important to follow the instructions of use, which usually means you should find crystals that are suitable for your type of energy field and that fit comfortably into your jewelry and clothing.