Can You Really Freeze Fat off At Home?

Feel fat and need to reduce your fat? Can you really free fat off at home? Maybe you’ve heard about fat freezing or coolsculpting or cryolipolysis. Usually the process of fat freezing is carried out by cosmetic surgeons or dermatologists to get rid of stubborn fat cells in small areas of the body such as arms, chin and stomach. This process uses a vacuum applicator to freeze fat cells. Fat cells will continue to be damaged for several weeks in your doctor’s office. Because the price is quite high, not everyone can do coolsculpting. As a result, many try to freeze their own fat using ice or other freezing products, which is clearly not recommended by experts. Keep in mind, coolsculpting will not be covered by any insurance.
Coolsculpting does seem to only freeze fat cells, but actually in addition there are still many procedures that must be done. During treatment, the doctor will use a small device to suck the frozen fat cells to shrink the remaining fat cells in the area, and stimulate the process of destroying the fat cells themselves over the next few weeks. That is why the process of freezing fat cells at home is potentially dangerous and most ineffective.

can you really freeze fat off at home

Can you really freeze fat off at home?

There are several DIY fat freezing tutorials circulating using ice cubes or other frozen ingredients, in an effort to freeze fat cells. Usually the way to use it is by applying ice or frozen material directly, but the reality is not your fat cells that are frozen, but only the layer of your skin that has become frozen. In addition, some risks also arise such as numbness in the skin, frostbite, pain to tissue damage permanently. As a result you actually have to get medical treatment to repair damaged tissue.

If you think that only DIY coolsculpting is dangerous, in fact the process carried out by professionals also has minor side effects that may occur during the process of fat freezing. Some of them are numbness or coldness, small pressure, pain to redness. swelling and sensations such as tingling can occur. And these side effects can get worse a few days after the coolsculpting process is done and subside in a few weeks. These effects arise because the process of shrinking fat cells in your body is still happening. There is also a rare condition called paradoxical adipose hyperplasia that causes fat cells to enlarge after a few months. If you use the services of a professional doctor to freeze your fat, you can get special supervision and minimize all risks that may occur during the coolsculpting process.

The cost of the coolsculpting process varies greatly, depending on the completeness of the aesthetic procedures and additional facilities. This hefty price makes some people try DIY coolsculpting which is actually dangerous for themselves. Instead of hurting yourself and causing you to spend more on treating injuries caused by fat freezing in DIY, you should look for more choices on the internet. Look for professional service providers that provide special discounts or certain payment packages.