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Business finance is a broad term encompassing matters

Business finance is a broad term encompassing matters regarding investments, the development, management, and collection of funds and equity. The term has various other common interpretations, some of which are the following: business finance refers to business loans or business mortgages; business valuations deal with selling or buying organizations’ assets; business process outsourcing (BPO) refers to hiring outside help to assist in business operations; and business turnaround involves restructuring operations to make them more practical. Business finance also covers other fields like asset management, merchant financing, commercial real estate loans, and private business loans. It also includes subtopics such as business banking, venture capital, client financing, mortgage banking, merchant financing, and corporate credit.

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Business financing refers to the processes, products, and services that an organization uses in order to earn profits. Most businesses use capital finances in order to obtain short-term funding, and extend long-term financing in cases where the amount of cash on hand does not suffice for purchases. Commercial banks and other lending institutions provide businesses with short-term and long-term business finance options, such as commercial mortgages, commercial lines of credit, merchant financing, and equipment loans. In some cases, government financing is used to support specific ventures.

One way of looking at business finance is to view it as an instrument used to leverage assets. This may be done by raising long-term debt, using corporate credit, or creating value-added projects. Many businesses, however, end up using short-term business financing to meet short-term cash needs. For instance, companies in certain sectors may require access to capital immediately, whereas others may require funding over a longer period of time, for the purpose of purchasing new products or expanding their business.