Basic Information About British Cats

The coat of a British cat is normally black or chocolate brown with multiple spots of varying color. The color of the coat is also determined not just by the primary color of the fur. The following characteristics define every breed: Solid darker colors, including black. Tortoiseshell colorpoint. Chocolate and silver colors

Cowl-necked, eye-ringed, tabby, or pied. Some British cats have a double chin. Face looks square to eyes. Ears are tipped and ears are large, rounded, enclosed, pendulous, tapering. Coloration varies with body type, including: cheeky, long-haired, short-haired, mixed, solid, or mixed.

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British Cats are a beautiful, long-lived breed that has many different patterns and colors of fur. British Cat Care involves grooming on a regular basis to keep the coat in good condition. It is also important to give food that is free of allergens and prevent frequent infections because they can get matted and lose their natural shine. Since every color and pattern are self-defined, you will need to determine what your cat’s breed is so you can match the appropriate accessories. A short coat is very easy to care for, but you may want to choose a short hair cut with as much body in the front as you can so the cat can have plenty of space. British Cats also like a blue color and will do quite well with a solid blue color bedding. Remember that you are not limited to just one or two colors and you can mix and match a blue and cream colored cat as well. Another option would be a solid blue cat with some dark markings. You can even combine dark spots with a blue color if you wish!