Annie Sloan is a professional artist with over twenty years experience painting

Chalkboard Paint Colors

Annie Sloan is a professional artist with over twenty years experience painting on chalkboards. She has been featured in numerous publications and has created her own line of art that is sold both online and in traditional brick and mortar stores. Her chalkboard paint colors are based on a technique called dry-brushing where the colors are applied by painting directly onto the board without any waxes or pastes. This method allows you to choose from hundreds of different colors, so you can be sure that every project that you get in your garage will be a unique one. Annie’s chalkboard painting colors are inspired by the natural beauty of the South Pacific.

annie sloan chalk paint colors

The colors are inspired by the luscious green vegetation of Polynesia, the deep blue water of the ocean and, finally, the rich orange of the mountains of Chile. These pictures of natural beauty are brought to life through Annie’s expert handiwork. Each board will be completely unique with no two boards being identical. There are several different sizes to choose from as well as a variety of different colors. If you are looking for a wonderful way to bring a bright and vibrant look to your home, then you may want to consider Annie Sloan’s line of colorful chalkboards.

Color can be a great way to express yourself when you are painting on a chalkboard. You should be aware that certain colors have symbolic meaning so it is important to pick out colors that have particular meaning for you. Some of the colors that are featured in Annies chalkboard paint colors include; aqua, light green, lemon yellow, light blue, cranberry red, chocolate brown, peach, passion flower, sky blue, vanilla, yellow, and sand color. You will be able to find many other colors that have various styles of use as well so if you are looking for a specific shade, then you should have no problem finding it.