An electrician is a skilled tradesman specializing in electrical

An electrician is a skilled tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of commercial buildings, electrical transmission lines, electrical power distribution, industrial machinery, and other related equipment. Electricians can also be employed in the repair and maintenance of existing electrical infrastructure or the construction of new electrical systems. There are different types of electricians namely an electrician with mechanical skills, an electrician with electrical skills, a combination of both, and a general electrician who specializes in all categories. An electrician’s main duties are installation, repair, and maintenance of commercial electrical equipment like heating systems, air-conditioning, security systems, etc. Electricians use their knowledge and skill to make sure that the system is functioning properly.

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Electrician’s are required by many industries and businesses to ensure smooth work flow and avoid inconveniences. Electrician’s perform various types of work such as wiring, repairing, installation, configuration and maintenance of electrical equipments. Electrician’s are also involved in major construction projects like constructing interiors and exteriors of buildings, installing power lines, ventilation systems, etc. Electrician’s are also called as ‘green’ technicians as they ensure energy conservation and energy efficiency by avoiding excessive use of electricity and reaping maximum benefits from renewable sources like the sun, wind, geothermal, etc.

Electrician’s find many applications in industries where there is an urgent need for electrical work but where the conditions are less than ideal. In these situations industrial electricians are called in to provide essential services like installing and repairing pneumatic and electrical motors, load management and overload protection systems, etc. Electrician’s also play an important role in maintenance of industrial and commercial sites. They check and resolve any issues pertaining to voltage, current, temperature, etc.