Advantages of Using a Phone Answering Service for Your Business

Many business owners and experts are generally too busy to answer the phone themselves, yet do not have the area or resources for a full-time receptionist. This means that a best deal of phone calls will go voicemail, possibly losing possible customers. It is no secret that consumers favor to speak with real people. Voicemail systems, automated recordings, and other electronic systems just cannot accomplish what a real live person can. Unluckily, this Answering Services For Small Businesses | CallNET Corp can make sure that your calls get answers, even when you are unable to answer them yourselves .

The top advantages of using phone service

According to a new study by
AT&T, around seventy-five percent of business related phone calls will not
be done on the first try. Additionally, sixty-five percent of people do not
generally leave voice messages. These statistics show that customers are not
just failing to get through to businesses, but they are not leaving messages.
If an expert is not regularly answering the phone, they are sure to miss out on
new, or even existing, business chances.

A phone answering service will
make sure that customers will have their phone calls answers and returned,
without being needed to leave a voicemail. This will undoubtedly better a
business customer base, therefore rising their profits. Actually, many
businesses see a sixty percent return on the investment they put into a phone
answering service.

When employing  a business phone answering service, business
owners are just needed to pay for the phone calls that are answered. If the
answering service just answers one phone call in an hour long period, a
business owner will only be needed to pay for that one phone call. Anyway, if a
business were to hire a receptionist, they would be needed to pay him or her
per hour, regardless of how many phone calls they picked. Phone answering
services can keep business owners a best deal of money, mainly when considering
that these experts do not have to be given advantages, like vacation time, paid
training, or health insurance.

Phone answering services can also
be tailored to a business personal needs. Those employed by phone answering
services are experienced and very expert. They are capable to take detailed
messages, answer the phone with a customized welcome, and screen and transfer
calls according to a business instructions. Further, these services can be used
twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week, to make sure the highest standard of
customer service.